Stashing Away Your Stash: How to Hide Alcohol for Every Ocassion

Are you grandparents coming into town? Having a rager and you don’t want to pop that expensive bottle?

Sometimes you just need to hide your alcohol. That’s not a bad thing! You have a reputation to uphold!

Here are some quick ways to make your alcohol disappear in a flash.

Turn it into Jell-O

One time, my roommate and I needed to get rid of our stash quick. We looked around the room. Of course, there are water bottles and a sink that would like to take our limited quantity. No way. We want to make this stressful moment fun, as usual. We grabbed some Jell-O, found an easy Jello-O shots recipe and started our adventure. We did run into a problem. No little cups! So, we made a tray of Jell-O. We just made sure to tell whoever looked in our fridge didn’t want to stick a finger in that gelatin dessert or they’d be in for more than they’d bargained for.

How to hide alcohol
How to hide alcohol

Hide it behind some “books”

When I saw this idea for the first time I probably freaked out a little too hard. It’s pretty genius. All you do it grab some old binders that you don’t use anymore, cut them up and staple or tape them together. It’s the best way hide your alcohol without using it or putting it in other bottles. You can just hide your stash away in any book shelf, under your bed, in your closet, wherever really! If you actually make this contraption, please show me because you’ll be my hero.

Binoculars Flask

I bought this binoculars flask for my concert-going mother. My mom is freaking awesome and loves to have a good time, but she’s also a little cheap (like mother, like daughter). She said that they’re really good quality and look just like her actual set of binoculars. This is a good way to hide alcohol at a concert or fireworks show. No one will ever know. This brand here that I bought was featured on Kathie Lee and Hoda. Of course, they had some wine in their little faux binoculars.

Drunk Gummy Bears

As a child you would never have thought about wasted gummy worms, huh? Well, now you’re 21 and you’re ready to take snacks to another level. So, you need to grab some gummy bears or gummy worms (get soft ones) and soak them in alcohol. After a few days, grab the bears and put them in a baggy in your fridge. Your leftover stash is gone and soaked up in your yummy bears. Prepare yourself for a sour face the first time you pop one in your mouth. Next up, the wasted watermelon.

Of course, be responsible when you’re drinking. Those horror stories we all hear about hit close to home for a lot of folks and we don’t want you getting hurt all because of a little too much fun.

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  1. I don’t go to college until later this year, but I had the idea of buying an empty computer case. You can buy one for about $30 on Newegg, and just remove the side panel and stash a bunch of booze inside. You can just put it in the corner of your room, but just to make sure there’s sufficient diversion material, you might want to have at least a TV, and preferably also a keyboard and mouse.

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