Dating in College: Are We Meant to Be?

When you are in college everything is new and exciting and yet scary and intense all at the same time.

You never know what is going to work out and what isn’t. Take for example the dating world. You could be dating this great guy for a few years and be perfectly happy together. Nothing and I mean nothing can tear you a part. Then college comes around and start to knock on your door.


There are so many thing that require your attention. You are prepping for new and exciting classes. You will have homework, which requires your attention first and foremost. Than there are the friends. In college you are going to be meeting some new and exciting people. So why shouldn’t you take advantage of that? I mean, girls, come on. There is a whole new world our there for which you can explore. But then you begin to think about something. Something begins to creep into your head, something seems missing.


When the two of you were in high school you promised to be with one another forever. You promised to put each other ahead of everything else. But than as you begin college you noticed that classes are pulling you in one direction. You have got parties that are beckoning you to come out and play. You’ve got this new freedom and more responsibilities. So, where does the boyfriend fit into all of this?

That can be a tough question to answer girls. Because it depends on so many factors. You say that you love one another and you promised to be with one another, always. But what happens when you begin to live your life without him, whether he is at the same school or not? He is going through the same things as you are and yet at a different level.

I know that you always said that a life without one another was an impossibility. But what happens when you make it a possibility?


Love doesn’t mean that you should be shackled to one another at every moment. When you do that you are in a sense imprisoning yourselves to each other. If you love someone you need to let them go and live their life. Sometimes that means living their life without you and vise-versa. But does that mean that the love is gone?

No, absolutely not. The love is not gone it’s just growing. Love needs to grow and evolve. Love needs to grow past that 7 or 8 years boy or girl that constantly stays clingy to one another. College is a time of growth and maturing. So shouldn’t that also be with the one you love? If the love is meant to be it will always be there. The distance that you give to one another will not matter in the slightest.  Think of college as a test. If the love is really there, neither of you will fail in the long run.

love dependency

Sometimes girls you need that distance to determine if the love is really there or if you are just kidding yourself. Is the love strong enough to make it past the clingy and needy attachments that you placed on one another? Or is the love going to fade soon after the first semester commences. Every situation is different and only you will know for sure. But if the love is going to last, you need to trust one another and trust that it will work itself out.

Don’t just hold onto him because you are afraid to let go of the past and everything that high school stood for. Learn to let him go and give him his freedom, so he can come back to you in the end. With high school you ended one chapter and with college you started a new one. Many married couples have turned out to be high school and college sweethearts.  So don’t let your insecurities of whether or not the two of you will make it pull you down.

Because if you play your cards right, college will not be the end… it will only be the beginning!

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