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Company: Ambition Insight, LLC |
Location: Remote
Title: Contributing Writer

Are you a student or recent graduate who loves to write and wants to learn more about online media? Looking for an opportunity that doesn’t involve crazy bosses and coffee/lunch runs? Think you have what it takes to write for a website AND help it turn a profit? Ambition Insight wants you on the team!, a recently created website featuring advice, tips and solutions for all things college-related, is looking for a few hard-working, ambitious, and creative writers to write articles, market the site via social media, perform marketing tasks, and get a better understanding of what it takes to run a successful website.

This position is 2 days a week and unpaid, but has the possibility of turning into a paid position if we find exactly what we are looking for in YOU!

If you are interested, please send an email to with your resume and two college-related writing samples. Do not hesitate to send an email if you would like more information about the internship before applying!


If you were to intern with us, the position would be considered “remote” meaning you could work from your own computer at home, school, or wherever you like to work. In order to get work done, we would be talking over the phone, through email, GChat, or Skype.

As for your assignments, they will range depending on your strengths as an intern and what you like to do best.

For instance, we would start you as a writer (if writing is what you are good at and enjoy most). After getting comfortable with blogging, we would allow you to keep writing, but would also invite you to complete other assignments such as social media tasks, working with advertisements/affiliates and performing minimal site maintenance (to name a few).

If you were to excel in any one of the aforementioned areas, we would further explore your talents unless you had any objection to the work.

Responsibilities & Position Breakdown

I will break down the tasks for you so you can get a better idea of what you may be doing in this position:


Coming up with article ideas, writing articles, editing articles, posting/uploading articles, and helping to plan the editorial calendar, to name a few.

Social Media:

Maintaining/running our Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and any other social media platforms we are involved in. This could be anything from writing and sending Tweets, to updating our Facebook page and things of that nature.


Assisting us in reaching out to companies who may be interested in working with us, facilitating conversations between our company and an advertiser, maintaining spreadsheets with information about our clients, and researching other competitor sites, to name a few.


Coming up with fresh/new ideas for content, social media, and marketing/advertising strategies.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Drive, ambition and willingness to learn are the only requirements.

Apply today! Email


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