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College Cures is a college advice blog of resources, advice, college tips and solutions to all things college. More than just a college blog, College Cures is an online magazine, college guidebook, a companion for life in college. Our content is a reference for students preparing for college, enrolled students and even recent graduates getting settled into a career.

Our mainly college and university student audience usually consists of primarily females, a vast majority English speaking and living in the United States, between the ages of 15-28.  The website covers topics such as internships, careers, the workplace, parties, hangovers, midterms, studying, relationships, roommates, dorm life, social networking and life management. makes the college experience as easy and pain-free as possible by providing students with not only practical knowledge for school and the workplace, but also advice and guidance on handling issues pertaining to their personal life, health, wellness and relationships.

We make it easy to contact our contributors, comment and engage with our content, vote on user comments, easily share our content on social networks and contribute via our “Join The Team” page. Our writers consist of past and present college students, recent graduates and young professionals looking to share insight on issues and situations prevalent amongst our target demographic.

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