Detect for spiked drinks with Undercover Colors’ revolutionary test

Wouldn’t it be great if we could party and not worry about something bad happening? Unfortunately, social events introduce opportunity for the ‘bad seeds’ to take advantage of people who may let their guard down, opening the door for them to drop something in our beverage, impacting our ability to give consent. 
Sexual assault while incapacitated and unable to provide consent is a widespread problem affecting nearly 1 in 10 women. The Psychology of Violence Journal found that more than 1 in 13 students reported being drugged and 1.4 percent reported incidents of drugging someone.

While drug-facilitated sexual assault is an ugly reality, the pioneers at Undercover Colors (UC) are venturing to end the impact.

UC Test Head Scientist, Nick Letourneau

UC just launched an accurate, highly versatile portable test that empowers people to test their drinks for drugs. Now, if you feel suspicious about your drink you can simply use a UC test to determine if you drink has been spiked.

The UC test medallion is small enough to fit in your pocket and can be conveniently attached to your keys or phone. The test detects for the widely recognized date rape drugs such as “Roofies”, Xanax and Valium in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Purchase The UC Test
Purchase The UC Test

When ready to test, you just peel back a foil cover to reveal the small test ‘window.’ Then use your finger to place a drop of your beverage onto the indicated liquid area. Processing time varies based on the liquid, and results can start to be visible in as quick as 30 seconds. Using Lateral Flow Technology (like pregnancy tests), two pink lines indicate the beverage is safe, one pink line indicates a drug has been detected.

Purchase The UC Test

“Undercover Colors’ test is a landmark moment for both science and personal safety.

Scientifically, UC has taken lateral flow technology and evolved it to put it directly in the hands of consumers. Personally, UC is saving a lot of people the hardship and physical abuse that coincides with Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault. Take advantage of the UC test now and feel empowered that you are ensuring your personal safety.

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