Drinking Too Much: When to Stop the Party

Let’s be honest, we all have delved into the party scene at certain points of our lives.

We get invited to our first college party and we are all excited for what might happen. For the most part we are all of age and so we feel that we can take part in this rite of passage. But is it a rite of passage?

Or is it just the start of a long and dangerous path? Should the party stop? Are you drinking too much?

So, you get excited about being invited to those first few parties.

I mean all of your friends are going to be there. Maybe even a few cute guys? Some cute guys that you can chat with and strike up maybe something special. At these parties there can be some easy temptations.  Some of your friends might feed you a few more drinks than what you can handle.

You know what happens next…


You wake up with no recollection of what happened, be it with your friends or with that cute guy that you might have connected with. As soon as your hangover is gone you make a promise to yourself that you will never do that again.

That might last maybe a few weeks.

But as soon as the next college party comes calling your friends will be calling you to come out and join them. Being that some of them might be new friends you don’t want to disappoint them. So you decided to come, but you make the choice not to drink again. But come on girls, how long will that last. I know how bad the temptation of peer pressure can be.

You find yourself in the same scenario all over again. Drinking more than you should and yet feeling good all at the same time. You have another drink and then another. That lasts until you fall down from being blind drunk.


This pattern continues on for many months. You tell yourself that you can handle it, but the aspects of your life tell another story. Your grades begin to slip. That cute guy that you met the one night begins to take a walk because he can’t handle your erratic behavior.  It almost becomes a cliché, but there is truth to this story. I have seen this happen to so many young people.

After months of keeping up this party behavior, your whole moods begins to change. You begin to put off homework and papers in favor of going to the next party. The bottle becomes a coping mechanism for so many things in your life. Being that you are in college you feel that you can handle the freedom. You bail on life and school because you are so hungover from the party the night before.

You feel as though everything is falling into place. You feel as though you are getting better grades than ever. Yet your counselor holds a meeting with you because you have missed several classes. Your teachers begin to put an incomplete for your assignments.

I paint this picture for a reason. SO many young girls on college fall into this pattern and yet they feel as though everything is okay, even when it’s not.

If this story rings true to any of you, I have one question for you. What are you going to do? Are you going to get your life back on track? Or are you going to keep going down this road, neglecting yourself and school? Now you might not have a problem, but some of your friends might. Is it worth the lives of those you care about to turn a blind eye? Is the party more important than living your life?

Because the party is not about living a life, but it is about destroying one.

There is an old saying that “The party has to end sometime.” So my question to you is, will the party end before or after you get put in an early grave?

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