Top Tips For Staying Safe When Drinking At College

When you attend college, there will probably be a few nights where you are going out and enjoying a drink. However, no matter what the occasion is, it’s important for you to be safe and be mindful of what you drink.

Below are some of the ways you can stay safe when drinking at college:

Be In A Group

Whenever you go out, make sure you stay in a group. This will help to ensure that you and your friends will all have someone to look out for you. It will also be much harder for someone to entice you into doing something that you wouldn’t do if you were sober. Such as drinking under the influence, leading you to need a dui attorney, certainly not something you want alongside your studies.

Charge Your Phone

Make sure that when you are getting ready for your night out, your phone is on a charge. You might think you can survive the night with just 50%, but in reality, you probably can’t. Whether it’s to text a friend back to let them know you are safe or capture the night with a few pictures, you want to make sure it’s kept charge for an emergency.

Protect Your Drink

Unfortunately, your drink isn’t safe if you put it down and walk away from it. You should never drink your drink if you have left it unattended at any point and if you can’t be sure it is yours. If this happens, it’s always best to get a new drink, rather than risking it.

Best Behavior In Your Dorm Room

It might seem like a great idea and fun to have people in your dorm room for a party, but you need to ensure you are cautious. Be wary of too much noise, respect others who may be studying, and be mindful of when the CA/RAs go on rounds. Remember you’re not supposed to have alcohol in your dorm.

Don’t Post Pictures You Might Regret Later

If you have to ask someone’s opinion if you should post a picture, don’t post it. You need to always be sure that it’s going to appropriate for your college, parents, family, friends, or future employers to see. If you want to post pictures from your night out, it’s always best to post them in the morning when you are able to look at them sober and decide if they are right. Remember once something is on the internet it’s potentially there forever.

Have A Designated Driver

If you are going to need to drive somewhere for your party, make sure you always have someone who isn’t drinking available to drive. It will save you the cost of a taxi or Uber, but you need to be sure they won’t be tempted into drinking. A great way to do this in a group of friends is to take it in turns to drive and watch out for those who are having a drink.

With all this in mind, still, remember to have fun. College is one of the best times you will have in your life, and you certainly want to make the most of it.

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