Dropship for smartscholar101.com. Sell our products without needing inventory or dealing with order fulfillment. Simply sell and receive a portion of the sales amount. 

What’s Smartscholar101 about?

We design motivational greeting/mantra cards for students. Most of our cards feature a checklist of advice on the inside page on how to achieve said mantra. 

Who are potential customers?

Any parents with kids in upper middle school grades, high school or college. Some people have a natural talent when it comes to selling but if you don’t it helps to create a list of people whom you already know then build from there. In cases where there are siblings then parent(s) tops the list. Aunts/uncles, family friends, neighbors, current or former teachers, church members, friends and work mates of these individuals… offerup, etsy… Use any selling platform by using images from our store to promote products.

What are the selling points?

  • It’s cool to receive a card especially in this age of instant messaging. It feels good to be loved and cared about and know that someone out there’s got your back!
  • A 9 pack of cards will last the whole school year.
  • Motivational message is just what a student needs sometimes. School can be very stressful!

Benefits of this side hustle?

  • Get paid as soon as your end of sale goes through.
  • Work remotely.
  • No limit to sales.
  • Convenient as smartscholar101 takes care of order processing and shipping.

How does this work?

Simply text your name and phone number to (205) 266-4354 and receive a PROMO CODE that allows a $5 discount per pack sale.

Charge your customer for the pack of cards, tax and shipping. Most students use venmo, paypal or cashapp.

Purchase the pack of cards from our site and use PROMO CODE ensuring that you(the seller) are paid first.

Smartscholar101 processes order and ships out to your customer directly. 

Details are on our contact us page: https://www.smartscholar101.com/contact-us


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