Has it ever occurred to you how fundamentally different the 21st century is from even half a century ago? Our values have changed. Our way of speaking and thinking has changed. Of course, society and the world as we know it today have physically changed more than one could have anticipated 50 years ago.

Though we acknowledge the cultural and physical change that the world undergoes over time, it would be wise to recognize the times gone by and appreciate the lessons they have to teach us.

Studying history is more than reading a wide range of books and articles for an assessment that you will only try to cheat on at the end. No, it is so much more than ink lines in a book. History can be an eye-opening insight into the past and teach us a thing or two about societal development. Once you know the history of something, chances are you can predict the future. Instead of looking at it as a dreary elective in university, look at it for what it can teach you and how you can benefit from the knowledge you gain.

If you can’t seem to decide whether or not to study history, this article might help you out. Not only might it give you the motivation to enroll in a degree, but it might give you the necessary shot in the arm to get you through it as well.

Here are three compelling reasons why you should consider studying history.

Less mundane career options

A common fear that students have is that they might find themselves stuck in dead-end jobs for the foreseeable future. Having spent years studying hard, sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, and getting yelled at by a boss (who may not always know what they’re angry about), seems like the stuff of nightmares! No one wants that.

A degree in history changes things up. You can be so much more than a desk worker in a multinational you don’t particularly care for. Change things up, think outside the box and watch how career satisfaction rolls. Start with your education, streamline yourself for a history degree and stick with it. An online bachelors in history has made studying the subject easy for just about everyone looking for a flexible option.

As a history graduate, you can prepare yourself for careers in teaching, writing, law, politics, counseling, research, and of course, who wouldn’t want to work at a museum? Right?

Watch the world grow

Growth in any aspect is an exciting experience to be part of. Whether you’re watching a plant on your table bloom or a puppy grow from a tiny ball of fluff to a loyal companion. The experience of watching growth and understanding what it entails for the long-run in any way can be highly fulfilling.

Have you ever given thought to how people and societies grow, though? We cannot emphasize enough how different the world was just a few centuries ago. Until 5-6 generations before your parents, people still believed that women would read-only to cast a spell! Look at us now! Women read a bunch of stuff, and not a hint of witchcraft in sight!

All jokes aside, seeing how things have changed can be a relieving experience. Knowing that we are heading in the right direction gives oneself personal satisfaction that we were born during the right era. Moreover, it makes you appreciate human beings just a little bit more. We got this far together.

It’s funny at times

People take themselves too seriously sometimes – most of the time, to be precise! Not only in modern times, but historical figures were ‘waaay’ too serious when it really wasn’t necessary. Though times were different, we can give them that; it’s still hilarious.

There historical accounts of the great Napoléon, one of the greatest commanders in history, being overrun by a herd of bunnies. Rumor has it that the bunnies were said to have bitten his men around the ankles! Moreover, if you are interested in Indian history, one of the most famous Mughal emperors tripped over his robe and fell down a flight of stairs. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive!

It is great to see the humor in places where you never thought it would be. Stuff like this can help you learn more about the subject and appreciate it better. With the perceived seriousness associated with the subject, humor can be a highly welcome change.


Studying history gives us a reference point to see how far we have come as a civilization and where we are heading. It would also be worth thinking about the amount of bloodshed and discomfort we have gone through to reach where we are today and question the circumstances that led to these unfortunate events. And probably the most crucial reason why we should study history is so that we do not make the same mistakes again. Evolution is a continuous process. A civilization can only evolve into something better if it acknowledges and understands its roots and flaws and uses this knowledge to progress.

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