Meeting Girls During The Daytime: Get Rid Of Your Doubts

Do you think that the right time and place for meeting a girl can be only late at night in the club or at the bar? Do you believe that approaching women during the day is considered weird? If yes, you’re mistaken.

You aren’t a vampire, after all, to be afraid of the daytime. By the way, women don’t mind meeting in the daylight. So, relax and read the following arguments created by RBA that will change your mindset.

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Do you think that the right time and place for meeting a girl can be only late at night in the club or at the bar?

It’s just in your head

You may think differently but chatting up a girl at a bookstore, coffee shop, or in the park is absolutely normal. That’s why you shouldn’t feel as if you’re doing something wrong. Everything comes with experience, so the more women you try to approach, the more confident and relaxed you’ll be with the next girl you bump into. Get rid of the thoughts like “She’ll think I’m a freak” and try to be cool.

If you’re overanxious about what she may think, then be frank and approach her saying that you feel extremely weird about your move, but you couldn’t let yourself pass her by. Your anxiety will wear off relieving the tension.

You can become her hero

You just have to face it: it isn’t necessarily that you are going to bother a girl by talking to her. Most of them are waiting for somebody to break the monotony of their daily lives. Deep down they want to meet a guy not in the club or during other social gathering but accidentally, by chance on their way home, walking down the street, or standing in line at a coffee shop etc. And it’s you who can give her a moment of the unexpected encounter.

If you still feel awkward about disturbing girls during the day, take a different attitude towards it. Think of yourself as a guy who wants to brighten up a girl’s routine or make her day. As soon as you realize your mission, your doubts will disappear and you’ll understand how pleasant it is to be a stranger who makes women happier.

Act spontaneously

You don’t need to invent a catchy opening phrase. Act naturally and say from your heart something like “Hi. I noticed you sitting over here and decided I must introduce myself” or “I know you may find it weird, but I really like your smile/scarf/manicure, what’s your name?”

If she responds to your compliment, she liked you. It’s almost 100 percent she’ll give you her number. However, if she turns you down (politely), don’t get frustrated, better luck next time.

Dating In College
You don’t need to invent a catchy opening phrase.

Keep calm and be confident

Most of the guys know how to approach girls at night and are totally at a loss when they meet an attractive girl in the daytime. You should know that you’re already rated high even by coming up to her. All you need to do is to live up to the rate and demonstrate that you’re absolutely confident in what you’re doing.

Pay the right compliment

When in a club, girls hear a lot of compliments on their appearance from dozens of guys and just get tired of them taking no notice of that flattery at the end of the night. It’s amazing how the number of compliments decreases during the daytime. That’s actually your chance to stand out and lift her spirits which are usually low on weekdays. However, make sure that your compliment sounds unobtrusive.

She shouldn’t get the feeling that you’re saying those nice words to get something from her. On the contrary, leave her with the feeling that it was your sincere remark. She will definitely appreciate this and get interested in you. Again, you need some practice to get paying compliments in the daytime to a fine art. Try this: irrespective of the settings, compliment a girl and then just go away without waiting for her thank-you. This is a very rewarding practice as you make other people (women) happier. What goes around comes around one day.

Accept rejections

Approaching a girl is always a fifty-fifty chance. You can’t be sure about her reaction to your words because you must know how unpredictable women are. Thus, in order to avoid unnecessary worries, learn to accept the turndowns.

Don’t view them as your failures; instead, praise yourself for having the courage to try.

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