How to Keep Your Phone Safe when at University

Mobile phones are a crucial part of your everyday life. They can provide you with a lifeline if you want to stay safe and they also give you the chance to stay in touch with your family and friends. With mobile theft being so common at universities, you have to make sure that you are not putting yourself at risk more than you have to.

Keep Your Phone Safe
Keep Your Phone Safe

Be Wary of your Surroundings

If you can, you have to be wary of your surroundings. It is very easy for you to be distracted when you feel engrossed in your phone but if you can be mindful of your surroundings then this will stop you from being an easy target when it comes to mobile theft. If you want to help yourself here then one thing you can do is make sure that you never leave your phone unattended when going to the bathroom or even when getting a book. If you do then you may find that it only takes a few seconds for them to snatch it which is the last thing you need. If you need to learn how to bypass school wifi, make sure you follow a trusted method, and that you keep your phone on you at all times, even when not using it for schoolwork.

See What Support your University Can Offer

If possible, you need to see what support your local university offers. Some of them have their own app that you can use. This gives you the chance to take advantage of many useful features. You also need to check to see what security they offer. If they don’t offer anything like this then it may be worth getting in touch with your own insurance provider so you can make sure that your phone is protected from theft. Even if you lose it, you should be able to claim on your insurance policy to get it covered so keep that in mind.

Use Security Features

You also need to make sure that you take advantage of several security features. Phones in this day and age tend to come with a range of security features that you can use to try and keep your device safe. If you want to do something about this then make sure you are using biometrics, such as a passcode or even a pattern so you can unlock your device. If you can do this then you will find it easier to keep your device safe. When the time comes for you to set a password just try and make sure that you are making it at least 12 characters long and that you are using a mixture of lowercase and uppercase. If you can make sure that you do this then you will soon find that it is easier for you to lock down your device and keep it as safe as possible.

Activate Find My iPhone

You also need to take the time to activate the feature for Find My iPhone. If you can do this then you will soon find that it is easier for you to keep track of your device if it is ever lost or even stolen. If you can log in to your account when you are using it from another device then you will be able to see where your phone’s location is and you can also make sure that you can ring it. You can even wipe its data remotely which is a great way for you to stay on top of things. If you are using an Android then you can use the Find My Device service. This gives you the chance to locate your phone with ease so you can make sure that whoever has found it is going to return it to you.

Be Discreet

At the end of the day, you do need to make sure that you don’t flash your phone too much. If you flash your phone in public then this can draw all kinds of negative attention. You need to take steps to stop this by using your phone as little as possible when you are out in public. If you can do this then you will soon find that it is easier for you to stop it from being stolen and that you can keep it locked down away from people. This is also very important if you are going on a night out or if you know that you are walking back to your accommodation at any point.

Things like this can make a major difference to the way you feel and how safe you are overall when using your phone so keep that in mind if you can.

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