I last spoke about eating disorders and how seeking treatment is the best option. Well today I will be discussing what you can do if you begin to notice the signs of an eating disorder. The signs may be very subtle at first, but trust me, they will become more noticeable as things progress. Today, I will be discussing what you can do to help prevent things from going to far. especially if noticed in the beginning stages.

eating disorder

Talking about an eating disorder
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At risk for an eating disorder: Here are a few tips

First, pay attention to your hunger cues.

Don’t over do it. Part of what causes eating disorders is that both women and men tend to eat until they are very full. Than they feel guilty over how much they ate and go to the bathroom to purge. This is unhealthy. Only eat until you are satisfied. Once that is done, stop. Think about how to supply your body with the most optimum fuel. This is a more positive way to handle things. Think about it this way, you can’t run your car on fumes. So why would you run your body on the same thing?

Get rid of the bathroom scale.

I don’t even own one. I think far too many rely on the bathroom scale to contribute to their self-worth. This exactly what the disorder wants you to do. It wants you to measure your weight every ten seconds. Take a look at your body and appreciate your body for what it offers. I mean we all have flaws and things that we would like to change, but relying on the bathroom scale pushes it too the extreme.

Question what promotes a real sense of beauty and what doesn’t. There are many ads that show a person and their body and the headline will read:

What is wrong with my body?”

Instead, why not ask:

What is right with my body image?!”

These types of ads only serve to promote eating disorders and other such things. So, get rid of the ads and if someone show it to you, just tell them, “Hey, I don’t want to see that.” It sends the wrong message. Think about this for a second. A billion dollar industry, such as beauty, places ads out there questioning what is wrong with our bodies. Can someone please tell me, why?

Be nice to yourself.

Don’t constantly feed negative energy to yourself. You have the ability to dress nicely and go out and live your life. Not many get the chance. You need to celebrate life. Don’t allow anyone to throw negative remarks about you either. If someone is being negative to you, than simply stay away from them. It’s their issue, not yours.

If you have the chance to stop an eating disorder from progressing any further, than do so.  By taking back your life, you are winning the fight.

It’s your life and you have only got one shot at this.

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