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Ready to leave your comfort zone?
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I bring this up to you dear readers, because I’m facing this decision right now. There comes a time when you know that it’s time to move on. I don’t mean moving on from a relationship. I mean moving on from the life you are living and starting over, brand new.

My choice.

I originally moved to this area, and in particular, this house, because I was directed here. I was directed here by some force in the universe. I was directed here because I had a job and a purpose to fulfill. That was about 5 years ago. Now those five years have come to a close and it’s time to redirect my focus.

I became a friend to someone who needed it badly. I have written about some of my past experiences. But it’s time to redirect my focus and move on from this life.. It’s time to move on from this. Not as a writer, but as a human being. That means making my way to Florida.  It’s a bit scary, but it will be well worth it.  And I will be writing about my experiences every step of the way. There are many reasons for my choice to leave. When you look around you, you begin to recognize the signs. Those pesky signs that say ” There’s nothing for you here anymore”.

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone behind?

It’s time to go outside of your comfort zone.

We get used to staying in one spot for a long time. We get used to the atmosphere and the people. But what if those people that you are living with are not good for you? What if those people are solely trapped in the negative and have no wish to leave that zone? I have always tried to be an upbeat and positive person, but there comes a point when you begin to tell yourself  “I can’t keep living like this.” Leaving your comfort zone can be a difficult thing to do, but if you plan wisely and put aside those fears, you will make it.  It’s not good to stay stagnate spiritually, mentally or physically.

Leaving that friend behind.

It’s good to be a friend to someone who needs it, especially in their darkest hours. But there comes a point in time when a relationship has run it’s course. In my case, that is happening right now. My friend and I still care about one another, but sometimes it’s better to cut your losses and  move on.  There’s only so much you can give and take in a relationship. I have said this before “You can’t change another person, you can only change yourself.”

What if there is nothing keeping you there?

Though I will always care about my friend,  there’s only so long you can stay in a relationship like this. When you have a friend that continues to enable the negativity in his life, in spite of his better judgment and the advice you and other friends have offered him, it’s time to let go. Dear readers, you and I need to do what is best for us now. That means leaving behind the current life and never looking back.

I have thought about this for over a year now, but now is the time to make my move. If any of you are facing the same issues, you are not alone. Just trust in God and in your instincts.  It takes more courage to leave behind your old life and start a new one, than it does to stay.

Once you begin to notice that there is nothing there for you anymore, that is the time to start planning your exit. As long as you plan wisely and don’t burn your bridges, you will have a healthy start to a healthy new life.

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