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10 Opening Email Phrases

Sending emails has superseded phone calls and face to face conversations as a primary means of communication. Whether applying for jobs and internships, emailing professors, or staying in contact with your family while maintaining your busy schedule, it is important to know how to properly email. While some emails may merit an informal approach, it is better to practice using proper grammar and punctuation throughout all of your email practices.

One little omission in an email can be the difference between you being taken seriously or being viewed as unqualified.

When I was in college I had the good fortune of enrolling in a class with a professor who stressed the importance of email etiquette from the very first day of class, and am I ever thankful that this was the case.

Now that I am in the business world, the lessons I learned years ago in that undergraduate prerequisite course are substantiated more than ever. With the ever increasing volume of emails that bombard my inbox on a daily basis, little things such as the subject line, paragraph spacing, and email signature can be the difference between whether I take a client seriously and even take the time to read the email.

Wouldn’t you hate to be on the verge of a large sale and have it fall through because you did not take a few minutes to make sure that your email game was on point?

Furthermore, the content itself can decide whether or not the message is even read from the very first sentence.

John Brandon of Inc.com gives us the rundown on ten opening lines that will catch the recipients attention and entice them to read your entire message.

  1. “Good News…”
  2. I have an answer for you…”
  3. We have lift off…”

For more tips guaranteed to grab your recipient’s attention and ensure that your message gets read, check out the full article by clicking here.

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