Experimenting with Drugs in College: Consider the Consequences

I’m sure you all know about South Park.

I’m sure many of you have seen that episode where Counselor Mackey teaches his students about drugs. He passes marijuana around the classroom and they all get high and we laugh because it’s funny. We laugh because it’s a joke and it’s built in fantasy.

Television and movies glamorize the whole drug thing, when it’s not meant to be glamorized.

As Counselor Mackey tells his students: Drugs are bad.

Earlier today my roommate got a call about an acquaintance of his that overdosed on heroine. He was a drunk and a drug addict all at the same time. Some have said his death was merely just suicide, but the drugs did have a part in it. Next to cocaine, heroine is one of the most lethal drugs you can out into your body, not to mention expensive. For a good hit of heroine expect to pay upwards of a few hundred dollars, if not more.

In college many of you will experiment.

Many of you will wish try new things and there is nothing wrong with this. In a relationship, I discuss how many of us find ourselves in dangerous situations, even to the point of deadly. Well, getting involved with drugs is right up there at the top of that list.

Of course many have you have already tried that first hit and thought it felt pretty good. But at what point does the “feeling good part” of the equation leave the room? I try to educate my readers that a relationship with yourself is one of the best kinds of relationships you can have. But when drugs enter the picture, the relationship you have with yourself goes out the door.

Drugs don’t want you to have a relationship with yourself.

Drugs are bad
Drugs are bad

Drugs want to keep you as far removed from yourself as possible. Drugs don’t care about you.

They only care about igniting those selfish desires that are inside of you. I used to be an addict in some ways and I can tell you first hand that I didn’t know who I was during that time. I only knew the drugs and let me tell you something: the drugs encouraged that.

I didn’t know me at all.

I only knew what the drugs and drinking wanted me to know.

The drugs encouraged much of the darkness and it dragged me down every chance it got. Now that I’m clean and sober ladies, I can tell you first hand that what I faced was hell.. The reason I’m telling you this story is to help educate you. I was lucky to get out and now I want to help others. Others won’t be that lucky. You will go to any lengths to feed that addiction and let me tell you something… it’s not pretty. The lengths that you will go to could result in death.

Drugs use is so rampant on college campuses these days that it’s almost like second nature. Some used speed to get through a study session. Some use cocaine because a friend will encourage it. Some will use over-the-counter pills to level out, get sleep and take tests. The irony of it all is that so many of you think that you are doing nothing wrong. You look at the other kids and say “Well it’s not hurting them, so it won’t hurt me”. This is the wrong way to think. Just because it’s not hurting them now, doesn’t mean it won’t hurt them later.

Many go from just the occasional use to full blown druggie in a matter of months. The sad part is that many think they have their lives under control, even when they don’t . It’s what the drugs want you to think.

So before you make the choice to try a drug, you know… just because your friends are doing it, think about something first.

How will my life change with this choice I am making? Because I’ve got news for you…your life will change. One day you will wake up and not recognize who you are or the person you used to be.  Because that person you used to know will be gone and she or he may not ever come back.

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