College Living and Physical Safety: Safety Tips For Dating Online

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If you are like most men and women out there, than you use your computer for pratically everything. It wil come to no suprise that some of you use your computer for dating. In fact, more people are doing it this way, instead of the old-fashioned “go out and meet someone in person.”

In doing this, you will want to protect yourself and I have a few helpful hints and suggestions that just might help.


There are some that are chatter boxes and like to talk non-stop. In fact, many have the gift to gab. But this can be a problem. It makes you susceptible to bad situations. If you are dating online, be careful how much information you give out and where. Don’t just assume that everyone is safe, because they are not. Keep all personal information, like last names and financials to yourself. Also in the beginning, you may want to avoid the telephone talks. Just stick with email and IM until you know that you can truly trust the person.


If the person you are communicating with is pressuring you about certain things, can maybe it’s best to lay low for a while. Listen this kind of pressure happens with people that you know, so don’t go this route with someone you don’t know. Just because you would never hurt a fly, doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t.

If this red flag is raised than follow your instincts and cool things down for a while. No one you personally know should be pressuring you to do something you don’t want to do. So, don’t except that behavior from someone you don’t know.


When you do meet the person, please do yourself a favor and avoid dark places and empty areas. Agree to meet in some place that is lite properly and is very public. If you want bring a friend with you. That way he or she can meet the person too. Don’t get in the habit of going alone. That way you can protect yourself in case he or she is not who they say they are. Always let your roommate know where you are going and when you intend on being back. That way if you are not back at the intended time, your roommate can view this as a red flag of sorts.


Whether the gift is being sent to your dorm room or wherever, never accept a personal gift right off the bat. By accepting the gift you are sending a message to them that you like them, regardless of whether it’s true or not. And if by some chance you decide that you want to move on from them, he or she might have hard time letting go. So never accept a gift, unless or until it becomes appropriate to do so.


If you suspect that this person you have been talking to online is not single, or not exactly single, walk away. This will only lead to trouble if you don’t. Many people who date online are married or have a partner and he or she is just looking for something on the side. So be aware of your surroundings and do what you have to in order to protect yourself.

Dating online is more dangerous than you realize. Everyone has something to hide. They will do what they have to keep it hidden. So be smart when you are dating. The more naive you are, the more dangerous the situation can be.

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