“I’m Never Drinking Again!” you tell yourself as you hug your toilet after another night out with friends from school. Not to mention the terrible hangovers the next day.

A hangover occurs when you drink too much alcohol at once. This might be the solution!


Product Review: Happy Hour Vitamins

There are many remedies including natural and home remedies that can help you in relieving some of the hangover related symptoms. One such remedy for a hangover is Happy Hour Vitamins.

The kind folks at Happy Hour Vitamins asked us to review their product for our readers.

Most people take pain relievers like Aspirin or Acetaminophen for reducing their hangover symptoms like headaches and body aches. But these pain relievers are highly acidic and can irritate the stomach. Happy Hour Vitamins prevents hangovers from occurring because they are taken before having any drinks.

Happy Hour Vitamins contain Vitamin B1 and B12 which helps your body’s metabolism.  Acai, Goji and Green Tea extracts work as antioxidants and milk thistle and artichoke extract which help with liver health.  This is something we all should probably be taking anyways!


In summation: Happy Hour Vitamins works.

We sampled this hangover remedy after an overly rough night, and after taking the recommended dosage we woke up feeling more energetic and less drained than usual after a night of partying. Clearly they got something right with this product. We particularly enjoyed the disclaimer:

The company disclaimer reads: “Happy Hour Vitamins will not prevent or cure bad decisions, such as poor financial decisions, questionable hookups, lost items/clothing, memory loss, unexplained injuries, bad dancing, karaoke, drunken dialing, regrettable YouTube videos, etc.”

Needless to say, we’ll be sure to take our Happy Hour Vitamins before a night of drinking. If you have something important to do tomorrow like attend your college classes, study for finals or go on an important date, Happy Hour Vitamins just might save the day.

Happy Hour Vitamins is running a buy one, get one free with free shipping special, backed by their Feel Better or 100% Money Back Guarantee. Seems like a no-brainer!


With Happy Hour Vitamins we are experiencing little to no side-effects at all. The herbal extracts within the supplement counteracts the toxic by products from alcohol.  The morning is no longer something we’ll dread after a great night, but instead it can be something to look forward to.

It minimized grogginess, headaches and upset stomach and the typical terrible hangover feelings we’re accustomed to.

Including alcohol in your college lifestyle may impact your grades and part time jobs, so we don’t recommend taking these vitamins and losing control. Despite the negative effects of heavy drinking, most of us can admit we’ll still do it. At least with Happy Hour Vitamins we have a reliable product that can help us not feel horrible the next day.

We’ll be sure to take our vitamins before drinking next time, and we suggest you give this product a try and sample it for yourself. Head over to their website and Facebook page for more information. Thank you Happy Hour Vitamins, let’s go have a few drinks.


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