How To Cure A Hangover

Have you been partying the night away at college? Let us guess, you’ve woken up with a dreaded hangover? It’s horrendous, we know. You go out with good intentions but, before you know it, those cheap deals are too tempting, and you’re ten vodkas deep! You get home in the early hours and wake up with a terrible hangover the next morning. There is nothing worse than the pounding headache and sickly feeling that comes after you have had a few too many drinks.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to get rid of your hangover, so next time you are clubbing in you don’t have to worry about the day after.

Rehydrate – Rehydrating is the first step when it comes to a hangover cure. A hangover is basically telling your body that you are extremely dehydrated. You should drink plenty of water. Sports drinks and coconut water also help. Are you feeling nauseated? If so, ginger ale is a good way to calm the stomach.

Snack on toast or crackers – You have probably heard of this advice when you have had a sickness bug. Crackers and toast are advisable snacks to have in the cupboard at your college dorm because such carbs can be beneficial for bringing your blood sugar levels back up. This is important because your blood sugar levels stay down when you have had a lot of alcohol in your system, and your liver reacts by creating more glucose from stored carbs, which can make you feel a bit sick. So, the sooner you get those blood sugar levels back up the better.

Take a painkiller – A hangover headache can be one of the worst. If you are experiencing one, take a painkiller. Ibuprofen and Aspirin are good choices. Make sure you follow the instructions and do not take more than the recommended dose. One painkiller you should certainly avoid is Acetaminophen. This is because it reacts with alcohol metabolites and can cause liver damaging reactions.

Avoid hair of the dog – There is a common myth that the best way to get over a hangover is to drink through it. This is not advised. Whilst you may feel better temporarily, in reality, you are only delaying the hangover, and it’s going to be even worse when it kicks in because your body will be even more dehydrated.

Prevention is the best cure – Needless to say, one of the best ways to avoid a hangover is to drink responsibly. Know your limits. If you need help on how to stop drinking alcohol, there are lots of great resources online. Try and stick to the same drink. You should also make your drink last. Your blood alcohol level will rise quickly if you drink at a fast pace.

So there you have it: some of the different tips you can follow to make sure you don’t suffer too badly after a night of partying with all of your college friends.


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