Signature Songs: What The Music You Like Says About You

Everyone has their favorite songs.

It may seem that seem that some people have the strangest taste, however the music on their iPod can tell you alot about their personality.

Next time you hear a funny beat, use it as an opportunity to get to know a bit about the other person.

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LMFAO and Kesha.


If a friend is a fan of these fast-paced, upbeat tunes then you know they enjoy having a good time. These people are convenient to have around when you need someone to go out late at night on a weekend or be your partner in crime for a concert.

A fault of these people is they tend to have short attention spans.

They will get bored easily and may need to be pushed on several occasions to get school work done.

Coldplay and Taylor Swift.

Those who are fans of these crooners are sentimental types. They most likely wear their hearts on their sleeves and will be the first to start crying at a sad movie.

Be careful what you say to these people, because they tend to take things personally.

Green Day and My Chemical Romance.

Expect a friend who lives for the moment when this song pops up on their playlist. Like LMFAO listeners, they like to have fun, however this fun often involves pushing things to the limit. These people tend to be risk takers.

Do not be surprised if they cause a little trouble now and again.

Fortunately, their pranks are usually harmless.

Green Day

Talk Radio.

People who opt to listen to talk radio, rather than listening to songs on the radio, are deep thinkers.

Sometimes they take themselves too seriously, but they will always make sure you keep your goals in mind.

You might be able to learn new things from these people that you did not even realize were happening across the world. These friends appreciate being respected.

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