Partying in College: Top 5 Party Songs to Get Your Guests Moving

Weekend nights. Everybody is out, with no work to worry about (or perhaps they are just putting it off). Houses are packed, lights are flashing, everybody is dancing and having an incredible time.

But none of this is possible without one thing: proper partying music.

DJ Matty, Inhouse Party Music Expert
DJ Matty, Inhouse Party Music Expert

Here at the Penn State chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, music is taken very seriously.

Our house DJ, Matty Reinhart, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, DJs for fraternity parties almost every weekend. It is a lucrative business, as everybody wants the best music and DJs at their parties.

According to him, “A good party song is simply determined by how comfortably people can move their bodies to the music.”

With that said, here are our top 5 most bumpin’ songs to play right now at parties.

1. Cinema Remix- Benny Benassi ft. Skrillex

This song is hype. People seriously love this song, and go absolutely crazy to it.

Many techno/dubstep fans know the words, and the drop is incredible. Not a typical winding and grinding song, but still a ton of fun to dance to.

Good lighting effects are absolutely necessary to get the most of this song in a party.

2. Escape Me- Tiesto

This one is yet another catchy, fun song to play. The hook is pretty simple and catchy, and loads of fun to sing along to.

It’s a very fist-pumpy quick motion dance type song and also does a very good job of building up hype and throwing a crowd into a frenzy.

3. S&M- Rihanna

This isn’t a techno song, yet it still has the energy to keep up with a packed rager.

People love to dance and sing along to this one and it’s also good because everybody knows it, but it hasn’t become overplayed.

4. Down On Me- Jeremih ft. 50 Cent

Something about this song seems to instantly have people dancing on top of bars and furniture. A very sensuous, sexy song.

It essentially defines winding and grinding. Feel free to get close, because this song is all about it. It has a very smooth, melodious flow and the hook is very catchy as well.

5. Bottoms Up- Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj

A party song about partying hard. Absolutely have to go bottoms up to this one.

Once again, a song that everybody seems to know the lyrics to, and also very easy to dance to as well.

Nicki Minaj absolutely kills it with her incredible flow and delivery, and Trey Songz always seems to be good at putting out catchy dance music.


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