College Cures Site Upgrades, New Features and What’s Next

You might notice a few changes happening here at College Cures.  Each day we optimize the experience on our website to better serve you and deliver the best college content. These are all the resources for life in college we can compile in one place.  We build great new relationships with other websites and individuals within our demographic and strive to reach more and more college students around the globe.

I’d like to thank all of you for paying attention, enjoying what you see here and returning to the site daily to see what’s fresh. This is just a quick note of some of the latest changes.

Optimized search

Originally the search function for College Cures was pretty weak.  It didn’t return great results and the outcome of it all was nobody used it to actually find articles.  Now everything has changed. We’ve changed our search functionality over to Google; now you’ll see custom search results that are actually accurate, displayed right here on site.

eCampus Book Search

At the footer of every page you’ll now find a search window to search for your college books on eCampus.  Search by Author, ISBN and others.  This is a great little tool for staying on top of your textbook game while surfing the latest jazz at College Cures.

Need to rent textbooks? Check out

Growing Blogroll

As we develop strong and meaningful relationships with great people in our industry, you’ll start seeing some other websites here that are worth taking a few looks at.

Helpful Links

Here you’ll find quick links to our most valuable college resources.  Though the Resources tab is still the hub for this information, these links will get you where you need to go quickly and remain available to you on each page.

Slimmed down footer, sidebar and single post pages, optimized tags and linking

Faster page loads, less clutter, find our content easier, more efficiency.

On the horizon…

We’re adding a form to College Cures in the coming week that will sign you up for FREE  information about colleges and universities, online schools and online degrees around the United States and Canada you might be interested in.  Fall is just around the corner, we’ll help you get prepared – stay tuned!

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