Killing Time: Get Creative When You Are Bored

Sure, I get it. It’s college. A great time, 24/7, always something going on.

But let’s be honest. Boredom does exist in college too. There are those times when you just sit around doing nothing.

Partying, studying, and sleeping can take up the majority of your time, but what about when you have all your work done for the day and it’s not even 5 p.m.?

Bored? from

For most students, killing time means napping, wasting time on Facebook or watching TV series online.

Instead, you could try doing something different. Take the time to read up on some news.

Knowledge is always good to have, not to mention you don’t want to be “that guy/girl” who is completely out of the loop on what is going on with the world or US news.

Keeping up with the news also gives you conversation material for later. Being up-to-date is important in the fast-pace world of college.

Hey, it took me weeks to figure out what was up with the whole “Winning” and “Tiger Blood” craze.

Make something.

College kids are known for their creativity and McGyverism brought on by low funds and need for cool things.

At one point, I would whittle for hours collectively throughout the day, and made art from paint, banana peels, and epoxy.

Get creative with things in your room or around campus. Who knows, you may even be able to think of something that can be sold. Look to sites like or for inspiration.

If nothing else, theres plenty to do and buy with; with daily deals in your area, you are bound to find something cool to do or something awesome to occupy your time!

Pick up a new hobby.

It’s honestly incredible how many there are to choose from, and your college probably offers a club or interest group supporting it or helping you start.

Learn some magic tricks. They’re fun, can be pretty easy, and are always a good way to meet and impress people. Try throwing cards, or perhaps pick up a new instrument. Check out lists of hobbies online, or your college’s list of activities.

Get involved!

And of course, you could always just go out and appreciate whatever your college has to offer you. There are often many programs or things offered by colleges to take advantage of that students tend to overlook.

For example, it took me a semester and a half to finally walk into the museum of visual arts building five minutes from my dorm. I spent three hours browsing and talking to the curator. There is also an arboretum and theatre which I plan on visiting sometime.

You could even just go out and enjoy a nice view or weather.

You’re in college… enjoy every second of it!


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