Go the Distance! : What Disney’s Hero Hercules Can Teach You About Your Long-Distance Relationship

Moving to college is super exciting, right? New people, awesome decorations, and your high school frien- oh, wait; your high school friends probably won’t be there. So, moving in also means a bit of an adjustment. Potentially, one of the biggest adjustments you’ll have to make is being away from not only your friends, but also your boyfriend or girlfriend. Seem scary? Never fear! Here are 4 lessons about your long-distance relationship (LDR) based on the golden hero Hercules himself!



1. Every Mile Will Be Worth Your While

So, Hercules had to work pretty hard to become a hero. I mean, Phil was no easy coach. Yet, the difficulties of training made his success sweeter and far more likely. In essence, all the work he put into becoming a hero paid off.


Your relationship, too, will benefit from putting enough work into it to make a LDR last. LDR’s really do take much more effort to sustain, so you really have to think about the relationship and whether or not you’re fully committed. And, having space to think about your relationship means that is has lots of room to grow and morph as you do.


Besides, working for it while you’re apart will make being together that much simpler and sweeter knowing that you both are consciously working to maintain the relationship!


2. Don’t Get Distracted

Just like Herc had to try not to be distracted by Meg during his training, it’s important to not be distracted by the absence of your far-off lover during school. It’s really easy to spend hours on Skype, or to sit and wait for a phone call instead of going out. So when I say “train hard,” I mean don’t let yourself get distracted.


Having a serious, committed relationship is a beautiful thing. But it shouldn’t get in the way of you enjoying your time at college. Part of being in a LDR is realizing that you each still have your own lives to live. Don’t let an LDR distract you from living yours.


3. Becoming a Hero is Perilous

A hydra? Yikes! The Underworld? No, thank you! Hercules definitely had to endure some hardships before having his name written in the stars.


Are LDR’s easy? Of course not. They take a ton of work and effort by both people involved. And, often, there will be difficulties that you encounter that seem catastrophic, or are magnified because you can’t see one another in person. Succeeding isn’t easy.


But, just like Herc learned, it takes peril to make a hero. If you can make it through the perilous, dark times of your LDR, then your relationship will be that much stronger when you have the opportunity to be together.

Hercules and Meg


4. You Can Go the Distance!


Do NOT be convinced by anyone that you can’t make a LDR work. I know that, all the time, people say that LDR’s never work and shouldn’t be attempted. But, hey, remember when Hercules was an awkward teen and people saw him as a nuisance? Yeah, well he became a hero!


So, moral of the story: no matter what people tell you, you can do it! You can make a LDR work!


Have I seen LDR’s fail? Yes; it’s happened to me. But, have I also seen them work? Absolutely! Really, if you truly want to make your LDR work it boils down to having the heart and willpower to make it happen.


Follow your heart, and don’t be afraid- in the end, Hercules’ love for Meg, and not his superhuman abilities, enabled them to be together.


See- it doesn’t take a hero to make love work! So, go the distance!


Good luck!

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