Your roommate has been pissing you off lately — so much that you decide to write on one of your friend’s Facebook walls and diss her publicly. It makes you feel even more in power that your roommate is a mutual friend so you know she will see it.

You took all of about 10 seconds to spew your irrational feelings across the Web and knock someone down all at once. WOW you are SO COOL.


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Not only are you a coward, but you’re a coward and a bully. Just because you can put expletives on someone’s Facebook wall doesn’t mean you’re as slick as you think. A chimpanzee could do that. You’re in college — you should have enough intelligence by this point to act like a rational human being.

I don’t care what this person did to you — nobody deserves to have nasty things written about them. Have enough respect for this person and talk to them about it.

Of all the different types of bullying there are, this is the most cowardly and despicable. I would so much rather have someone slap me in the face than write nasty things about me on Facebook. Why? Because taking the time and effort to actually approach someone in real life (not the virtual world) takes guts and a sense of self.

A former roommate took to Tumblr to write mean things about me — and when a mutual friend pointed it out, I was shocked and hurt. I wasn’t anywhere close to being best friends with this person, but I would have thought she would have at least tried to be mature and discuss what was bothering her. But no, she resorted to the Internet.

Be mature. If you have a legitimate problem with someone, then address it with them. Tweeting passive aggressive things about them isn’t going to do squat. Your problem will not only remain unresolved, but you will also make things even worse with that person.

If all you need to do is vent (which we all need from time to time), talk with someone who doesn’t know that person and get it out of your system. There is no need to put it out there online.

From what I’ve noticed, the people who tend to do this are the ones who end up alone. I’ve seen people who have done this to me or to others, and these people are the ones who end up burning an insane amount of bridges in a short amount of time. You see, when other people see you doing something as stupid as this, they don’t put up with it — they walk away because they realize how immature you are. And they have to wonder if they will be the next victim in one of your social media rampages. Most won’t want to take that chance.

Oh, and by the way, karma’s a you-know-what. By the looks of it, there are a bunch of people out there that have got some really bad luck headed their way. Don’t be one of them.

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