Yes, the sixth of February may have been the Super Bowl, but it was also the birthday of one of the most iconic figures in recent history.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley was born in Jamaica in 1945, raised in a world of poverty, sadness, and emotion. With his post-death album Legend going ten times platinum, it is still the most successful reggae album of all time.

As a child, Marley settled in Trenchtown, where many hopeful Jamaicans had settled in search of work. The son of a white man and black woman, he often questioned his own identity.

However, he was amazed by the music he could pick up from America on the radio, and went on to quit school to eventually become a musician. His racial identity solidified as a Black African, as he preached freedom and sang stories of his peoples’ oppression.

Bob was a very inspirational person to many. To Westerners, he opened eyes toward the oppression and struggles being felt by his fellow third-world citizens. To the impoverished world, he was a redeeming figure, a leader spreading the word and awareness to others both far and wide.

He was also a strong proponent of the Rastafari movement, centered around the idea of a Black god from Ethiopia, and was a vegetarian.

In 1977, Marley injured his toe playing soccer in London. The injury worsened, but Marley chose to ignore it and continue touring. Eventually, the injury manifested as cancer, and spread through his body.

His treatment was late in Miami, and proved to be an unsuccessful, controversial new type of therapy. He died May 11, 1981, in a hospital. He was buried in Jamaica with his guitar.

Top 5 Songs

5.  Three Little Birds-

This song can always turn sadness into at the very least, a faint smile. The happiness just seems infectious.

4. No Woman No Cry-

A song about the oppression of women, also one of the smoothest, most relaxed songs I have ever heard.

3. Buffalo Soldier-

This is a tribute to the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment, an all-black unit, during the Civil war.

2. I Shot the Sheriff-

An entertaining story, and very catchy lyrics

1. One Love-

The cure-all for bad days. When all seems wrong, Bob Marley is here for you.

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