How to Look Dashing with Mid Length Hair

Keeping medium hair is becoming common for most men. This is because medium hair is easy to maintain and it can be shaped into different attractive styles. A medium hair is supposed to be between two and four inches. Every man deserves to look handsome. There are a lot of different things that you can do with your medium hair in order to look dashing.

At we are more than pleased to offer the following tips for you on how to look good with mid hair length.

Egg Wash

This may sound odd but it is true and real. Egg yolk is rich in nutrients that are of benefit to the good looking of the hair in many aspects. One of the aspects is hair growth. A medium hair that is thick, shiny, and healthy will make you look much better.

Washing your hair with egg yolk will make it naturally shine and grow thick. It will enhance your hair growth and reduce hair loss. An egg yolk is rich in fats. Thus, it will make your hair become naturally soft and moisturized. Mix 2 or 3 eggs with lemon juice to reduce the egg smell then mix the mixture to froth. Apply the mixture and then keep your hair covered with a cap for like 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure in several weeks. You will be amazed at how your look will be enhanced.

Apply Shampoo

Apply shampoo to your hair when it is dry in order to remove dirt and oils. Also, it will clean your scalp. Ensure that you pick the right shampoo. Shampoo washing will provide a healthy environment for your hair to grow well and nicely. This in return will make you look stunning.

Comb Your Hair

Comb your hair daily in the direction of your shaved style. Combing the hair spreads the oils in your scalp and for proper nourishment of the hair to grow. It stimulates blood flow in the capillaries, thus allowing proper transportation of nutrients around the head.

Also, combing allows for air aeration throughout the head. This enhances a healthy hair growth that is attractive and appealing.

Do Not Over Wash

Make it a routine to wash your hair with room temperature water, so as to not destroy the hair cells and make your hair neat. A neat hair will always make you look attractive. Avoid over washing the hair in order not to erode the nutrients and oils on the hair.

Color Your Hair

Adding color to your hair will make you look stunning.

You can either reinstate the color of your hair with a matching dye, or you can turn it into a different color. Just make sure you apply the right amount of prescription so as not to end up destroying your hair.

Pick The Right Time For Hair Cut

To ensure that you constantly look stunning, right timing for the haircut is a must. Ensure that each day you are monitoring the growth of your hair, in order to identify that you should shave after how long. Ensure that you visit a professional barber who will fix your hair according to how you wish.

Try Different Hair Cut

There are different types of haircuts for medium hair that look attractive. Take time to experiment the best style for your medium hair. Men are habitual beings, but you can overcome the notion. Ensure that the style matches with the shape of your head. You do want to pick a style that will make you look funny and awkward. Be not afraid to try a new style and make sure you visit a professional barber who will not let you down.


Attend To Your Beard


Your beard must be well trimmed and kept so as to complement your facial look. A good beard and perfect hair will undoubtedly make you look striking.


Ensure That Your Outfit Is On Point


To complement the whole look, ensure that your outfits are neat and ironed. Make sure that shoes are tidy and brushed. Dress properly in a gentle way. Use cologne with a gentle smell.

All the above tips will make you look dashing.

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