I am beyond excited for this new single that came out last Monday. The internet is raving, the buzz has begun, and the ears are melting with the beautiful songwriting and melodies that come from 2008’s IT band, Fleet Foxes.

Fleet Foxes released the new single “Helplessness Blues” recently and it’s amazing. Unbelievable.

Fleet Foxes

soundcloud.com via Sub Pop Records

“Helplessness Blues” starts with the traditional sound created by the frontman Robin Pecknold with gorgeous vocal harmonies and his trusty acoustic guitar. The bright vocals and thick guitar chords begin to layer and unwind into a lush soundscape 0:45 seconds into the track.

As each second progresses, the song continue to grows in it’s density. You can hear the octaves starting to line up, the harmonies getting brighter, and the instrument work gets louder with each progressive strum. The surprise of the whole song comes at the 2:45 minute mark. It actually made my heart skip a beat. Unexpected, and the shivers started. It’s almost as if Robin Pecknold and his bandmates have a heavy burden and it lifts into this expansive soundscape. There is more space, a release, and then it falls back into place.

You can only picture yourself resting into a field of flowers on top of  a gorgeous hill in Vermont, enjoying the spring breeze or the summer sun and realizing everything in the world is beautiful.

Fleet Foxes have always had that gift. The gift to make you warm inside, to feel bright, and to see things in a positive perspective based on their sound. If this first single is an indication of their album, we are in for an amazing summer definitely. Fleet Foxes’ new album Helplessness Blues drops on May 3rd via Sub Pop Records and it can’t come soon enough.

If you’re a fan of Mumford and Sons, Noah And The Whale, or fantastic music reminiscent of the beautiful harmonies the likes of Simon and Garfunkel graced us with, this is it. In fact, if you appreciate music at all, I DEMAND you listen to this song. To put it bluntly, this will make your day.


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