How to Get Organized For Exams: Tips on Exam Preparation & Passing Your Tests

Exam week (or the weeks before it) is always a tough time. Typically, students start freaking out at least a week before they know midterms or finals are coming and begin cramming or catching up on information they will need for the test.

But how can you avoid stressing out over exams? How can you better prepare yourself to deal with all of the work coming your way?

Instead of spending time having a panic attack over exams, you should take this time to get organized so you can better prepare yourself mentally for the tough road ahead.

Start with one class

Instead of sitting in a corner, crying, listing off all of the things you have to do for every single class, take it one step at a time.

Gather up your syllabus, past assignments/quizzes/exams, any study materials you kept from previous exams for ONE of your classes and begin breaking it down.

Exam Paper

Look over what has been due, what you have submitted, and what will be on your exam

Once you know exactly what will be on your exam, you can begin to plan around that information.

If you know your teacher uses questions from past quizzes or will be pulling information from your notes, this is all important information that should be noted.

Look over your syllabus and see which chapters have been covered, assignments that were (or should have been) done, and see what you still have to do in order to catch up completely.

If you missed a couple of homework assignments (i.e. – missed chapters, chapter quizzes, or a paper), you should look over all of those things so you will be prepared for the exam.

Get out a sheet of paper and make a list of all of the things that will be covered on your exam. Mark off the ones that you have already done. If you read chapters 5-7, but missed 8-10, now you know exactly what you need to do in order to become prepare for the exam.

Gather up your materials

If you missed a week of notes, head to your teacher’s site and print them off. If you need notes from another student, make sure to borrow them and make a copy at least a week before the exam so you are not a burden to him/her.

Can’t remember where you put those notecards? Find all of your previous study materials so you will have everything you need before sitting down to study.

If you need to go over an exam or paper with your teacher, be sure to schedule some time now so you aren’t rushing around the day before the exam. If you let a friend borrow your textbook, make sure to get it back ASAP, pick up some extra highlighters, whatever you need to get your work done, get it before the exam.

Make the time to study and stick to it

If you are the type to get organized, but never follow up with ACTUAL studying, then you need to make time in your schedule for studying and stick to it!

Don’t get distracted by parties or whatever else is going on right now; just know that if you take the time to study NOW, you can relax and have a good time LATER, after your exams. You won’t be stressing out about your exams if you do well on them so make the time to help yourself.

Repeat step 1 for all of your classes

Now that you have one class covered, you can do the exact same thing for all of your other classes.

If you break each class down into smaller steps and organize yourself, you will have a much easier time with not only passing your exams, but with studying as well.

No one likes to be stressed out during exam time, so why not make it a bit easier on yourself and take the time to get organized?

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