The World Outside Of College

When you leave college, it can be a whirlwind of excitement and curiosity, but there are some things which no one tells you, those aspects that you don’t learn in school, and when you’re in the situation, you have no clue what to do.

You’ve finished the big move home with all those fantastic memories of partying and late nights of studying, both in which taught you a lot of being an adult and having responsibilities. Maybe you’ve found a job, moved in with a boyfriend or a flatmate, and life is treating you well, but more often than not, there will sadly be a few hurdles to overcome, but with these top tips, you can glide through them with ease.

Accidents happen

Say you’re at work, and you have an injury, obviously after looking after yourself by seeking medical attention if needed then you may need some advice and support from a personal injury specialist. A law firm like Rosenfeld will help you every step of the way from keeping your finances stable during your time off work or helping you decide the next direction you need to take to suit you.

Compare sites will be your best friend

Compare everything, your phone bill, insurance quotes, even makeup products, this will save you money in the long run; you will often find that you’ll gravitate to the first quote you see but distinguishing which offer is best for you is easy. Using these sites does all the work for you, don’t forget to compare the small print too. Some people will tell you to stay away from them, but some will give back to you. For example, Compare The Market, gifts their customers with two for one meals and cinema tickets, which over a year will save you hundreds.

Struggling to find a job

Since you’ve graduated, it’s been a struggle to find a job in your desired job sector, and it’s okay. Firstly, update your resume with your most recent courses, experiences, and skills to show you off. Attending networking events can get you out in public, giving you a chance to be seen instead of being behind a computer screen. Often you find that your bubbly personality and friendly mannerisms catch their eye, and they’ve already told their friend or manager about what an asset to the team you would be.

The highlight grids

We all do it, comparing ourselves to other people through social media like Instagram. If you think you wouldn’t upload a photo, you didn’t like or doing something dull, so why do we look at other people’s Instagram and think they are perfect?

When you’ve graduated, it’s a battle for everyone to find a job in their chosen career path along with keeping friends, owning a house, and everything else adulthood brings, but comparing yourself to someone’s grid is so unrealistic. You’re on your journey, and only you can make it amazing.

All four of these are things that you will come across now you’ve finished college, but hopefully, you will know how to tackle these situations. You’re not alone in thinking that life after college is stressful and overwhelming, but keep doing what you’re doing, and your hard work will pay off.

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