How to Make: Long Island Iced Teas!

Long Island Iced Teas are great for 2 reasons: they’re super easy to make, and they are usually pretty strong!

Ever wondered how to make one?

If you are making one drink and want to be “exact”

Fill your glass with ice and add the following:

– 1/2 Shot of Vodka (plain, flavored, whatever)

– 1/2 Shot of Gin

-1/2 Shot of Tequila

-1/2 Shot of Rum

– Splash of Triple sec

– Spalsh of Sour Mix

– Splash of Coke (I personally like to use Arizona Iced Tea instead of Coke, but if you like the carbonation, go for the Coke!)

Mix up your concoction with a straw and ENJOY!

Warning: One or two LIT’s may get you buzzed, but they may also get you really drunk, so enjoy in moderation!

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