At least once throughout the year, we all aim to make a total commitment to our health and change any of the bad habits we may have accumulated over time. While this generally means a few weeks of dieting, exercising, and taking care of ourselves, we often dive all-in far too quickly and lose steam.

The solution? Rather than making this another addition to our list of health sprees, we need to make a conscious effort to find ways to make this the first time we truly succeed. To help you accomplish this feat, here are some fast and easy ways to improve your health that you can grow and maintain as time goes on.

1. Start Making an Effort to Move Around More

Fitness doesn’t have to be difficult and grueling in order to be effective. If you have been out of commission for a while, the first step to better help is making more of an effort in your schedule to move around.

For example, you can walk around more when you do errands or go sightseeing, travel on foot to destinations that are less than a 30-minute ride away (or if a 30-minute trip is relatively close, anything less than a 45-minute ride), take the stairs at work, and do pushups or cardio in your home. If you are looking for extra incentive, you can find a range of mobile app products on your smartphone that will reward you for being fit.

Once movement becomes an integral part of your day, you can begin considering an annual membership at your local gym or taking up new fitness-related hobbies, like getting a bike. If you are looking for something more convenient or if you don’t want to stress about having to hook your new bike to a bike rack, you can always choose to use a bike-share program in your area like bike sharing stations in West New York, NJ.

A bike-share system makes it simple to rent a bike from a kiosk and often offers a pay-as-you-go option (or the monthly cost of the program is often affordable as well). Just make sure that the bike stations owner has great customer service, that you are okay with the bicycle rental agreement, liability waiver, and are in full acceptance of the terms of use before you take a bicycle.

2. Begin Introducing New, Healthy Foods and Supplements Into Your Diet Plan

Your health relies heavily on your diet. If you are eating fatty, sugary foods all day, you are going to feel terrible and find it hard to exercise or move forward with your health plan. If you are making an effort to eat a blend of foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and other minerals your body needs (don’t forget the moisture you need from water), you are going to look and feel better.

This kind of change doesn’t successfully happen overnight. Gradually begin introducing healthy foods and recipes to your home. If you find yourself reaching more for rosemary than for cookies, you are doing well.

Along with your diet, you should also look into supplements that you can take to boost your efforts. One popular product that everyone seems to be going for is CBD oil, which is supposed to come with all of the benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects of THC. Of course, you are always going to want to do your research with a website like Bloom and Oil before you make a purchase.

3. Incorporate More Self-Care Into Your Schedule

It can be difficult to improve your health if you are always stressed. Along with the physical, you should be focused on improving your mental health through self-care. Some popular practices include taking up meditation, using essential oils (your rosemary may come in handy here) for aromatherapy and relaxation, or simply taking a day to lie in bed and watch your favorite movies. When you feel happier and less stressed, you are more likely to achieve your health goals.

Health doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can be if you are trying too hard to achieve perfection in a short amount of time. Instead of aiming for the impossible, make small changes by using the tips provided above!

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