3 Ways CBD Oil Can Help You

You’ve heard of CBD oil, right? How about Medterra CBD hemp oil? If you’re into it, then you know all the useful facts about it. If you’re new to it, then here are a few ways that CBD can help you that you might not have known already and why Medterra might be right for you.


CBD oil is excellent for anxiety and depression and could help with these conditions. Both are common around the world and have significant impacts on someone’s wellbeing each day. These are usually treated, as most of us know, with traditional medicines such as antidepressants. Side effects from those such as being sleepy all the time, agitation, insomnia, headaches, and sexual dysfunction are just a few. Who wants to get those willingly?

With CBD, it’s shown that it can be used as a possible treatment for anxiety and depression. That leaves a lot of people out there with these conditions interested in using it to alleviate their symptoms.


CBD is well known for helping with pain. More than a few studies have been done on this subject. One study in the European Journal of Pain states that their research found a significant drop in inflammation and pain within their subjects after 4 days.

The body naturally creates some forms of cannabinoids on its own, and this helps a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) with functions such as sleep, pain, and your immune system and how it responds to outside stimuli. THC affects this system by giving the body a ‘high’ feeling by activating its reward center.

CBD itself, instead of giving you a feeling of euphoria like THC does to dull pain, will alternatively help the levels of anandamide in the bloodstream, which is thought to reduce the amount of pain someone feels. So instead of making you high and interfering with the ECS, CBD will instead allow more good stuff into the bloodstream to lessen pain.


There are so many things that keep us up at night. Money, school, relationships, our jobs, families…! The list goes on and on. There are so many external factors that go into whether you can sleep or not that it’s a gambit on what exactly you can do to help it beyond taking those factors and tossing them out the window to start clean, which we know isn’t doable.

CBD is known to treat anxiety, and so it’s great for sleep as well working on those same principles that if you’re relaxed from the worries that are keeping you awake, then you’re more than likely going to get some rest too. Pain can cause you not to sleep well, and so controlling that with CBD will help you sleep better as well. You can check you local dispensary for other CBD related products, but you can also check penguin cbd online.

Medterra CBD Hemp Oil

Our CBD oil is third-party lab tested and fully compliant under the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program as well as the U.S. Hemp Authority. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our product! It’s safe, affordable, and non-GMO, making it easy to use and a breeze to keep in your busy life. Try us out and see how CBD can make a difference in your life.


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