10 Reasons Why Travelling is Good for Your Mental Health

Everyone looks forward to a holiday, and for some people, it is something to look forward to all year long. It is precious time to spend with loved ones or see new places, and we often return feeling recharged and energized. There is currently much focus on mental well-being, and travelling can be one of the best ways to improve your mental health. We look at why that is below:


1. Push your boundaries


When you step away from your day-to-day life, you find your inhibitions are lowered, and you are more likely to try things you would not usually. This can exhilarate you and make you feel good endorphins flow!


2. Work it


Depending on the travelling you intend on doing, it can sometimes result in being naturally more active. If you are sightseeing, for example, you will be hitting the streets or maybe taking bike tours. You might even just be swimming every day! Regardless, exercise releases endorphins which make you feel giddy.


3. Appreciate our place in the world


Travelling can show you just how vast the world is and make you realise any worries or stresses you may have are small in the grand scheme of things. It’s great for putting things in perspective.


4. Trying new things


Being brave and trying new activities or even foods can again make you feel proud of yourself and may even open you up to trying more things at home.


5. Meeting new cultures


Seeing the vastness of the world is one thing but meeting entirely new cultures and seeing different ways of life is another. You may encounter opinions and outlooks that challenge your own, which will open your mind. If you are visiting somewhere remote though, do not forget to look into vaccines with the experts at Click Pharmacy.


6. Gratitude


Depending on where you travel, you may see lifestyles which are very different and less privileged than your own. This will serve a purpose in that you will learn to appreciate what you have and feel grateful for your fortune.


7. Sunshine


Travelling to sunnier climes can help offset the negative impact of mental difficulties such as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Opening your curtains to daily sunshine can lift your soul.


8. Staying away from your phone


The negative impact of smartphones and social media on mental health is becoming widely documented. It’s far easier to break your habits whilst you travel and become more present in your surroundings so try to avoid your phone as much as you can while away. You’ll feel better for it!


9. Spending time with loved ones


This can soothe your soul on so many levels. It’s a time to reconnect away from the daily grind, spend quality time together and hopefully, you’ll do nothing but enjoy yourselves and laugh a lot! This simple act can benefit your mental health hugely.


10. Leaving your stress behind


Just getting away from chores, routines, stresses of work and strains of responsibilities and even some relationships can make you feel instantly happier. The famous saying ‘a change is as good as a rest’ is true of holidays because you don’t need to relax on a sun lounger to gain happiness. A walking trip or involved sightseeing tour can energise you in different yet effective ways.

Travelling truly is uplifting for your mental health and can be physically too. We need to ensure we prescribe them from ourselves, and we will all see the benefits of our mental health and motivation drive.

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