Your Music Festival Necessities

Whether you’re headed to Coachella, Governor’s Ball, or Bonnaroo, you need to be sure you have the supplies you need to stay safe and healthy while you have fun and jam out. Nothing is worse than going to see your favorite band, though, while you’re plagued by the fear of an imminent UTI. There are a few essential supplies to ensure you’ve packed in your bag when you’re ready to hit the festival scene. With these necessities on your side, you never have to worry about having a good time.

Pack Your Bag for the Perfect Festival

Are you more likely to get a UTI at a festival? Maybe. This isn’t because of the loud music or neo-bohemian outfits, though. If you’re spending long hours packed in close with other people, it’ll likely be a warm and damp environment. Couple this with the fact that you might not have immediate access to a shower, and festivals can create the perfect conditions for development of a UTI. Fight development of a UTI with the following supplies:

Bring Frozen Water

Freeze gallon jugs (or smaller water bottles) to keep your cooler cold. Why waste space with an ice pack when you’re already bringing water? You may have heard rumors about this releasing dioxins into the water, but research does not support this claim.

Have Fun Without UTIs

Festivals are all about letting loose and having fun. You don’t want to have your experience dampened by the fear of developing a UTI. UTIs are painful and unpleasant—nothing will ruin your time at a festival faster. When you understand how to avoid UTIs, though, you can ensure that your festival experience is just as healthy as it is carefree. Your health should never be compromised by a urinary tract infection, and when you’re proactive about prevention, it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t let your festival frolicking get interrupted by the pain and inconvenience of a UTI. Choose the natural supplement that targets the biofilm where bacteria develop and cause infections in your body’s urinary tract.

Bring Easy Pre-Made Meals and Snacks

Pre-making meals to reheat at your music festival or campsite can be a godsend when you’re trying to eat a solid meal but still trying to leave time to catch that extra set. From pre-made taco materials to hobo potatoes and more, this easy trick will have you grubbing in style at your next festival.

Bring a Sturdy Backpack

An essential for every festival, make sure to bring a solid backpack with you on your next musical expedition. It’s easy to carry for non-car camping situations, and backpacks can hold all of your group’s supplies for those late night boogie treks. Don’t forget an anti-theft hydration pack.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bring along a portable wireless speaker to bump back at the campsite. It’s great for midday lounging, late night chilling, and all-the-time tune sharing among friends and neighbors.

What festival essentials and gear hacks do you mix into your festival packing list?

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