Why You Need to Take an ASVAB Practice Test

The ASVAB test is the test taken to assess whether you are fit to join the US military and also what career paths would be more suited for you once you join the military. It is developed by the Department of Defense and it can be taken at over 14,000 schools and Military Entrance Processing stations nationwide.



The test covers ten areas but four of them are used to decide whether you qualify to enter the military. These four areas are: Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension, Word Knowledge, and Mathematics, knowledge of all which contribute towards the Armed forces Qualification Test score. Other areas of the test determine how equipped you are for specialties in the military and also how much of a bonus you get once you are enlisted. It is important therefore to study for the test and one of the ways is to have an ASVAB tutor, but mostly what you need is the dedication to study prior to the exam.

One of the best ways to study is by taking multiple practice tests. Here are some of the reasons why practice tests are so important:

  1. Confidence

It helps you get the feel of the test so that when you get to the day when you have to take the real test you are more confident and not a bundle of nerves. We all know that when one is nervous, they can even forget the easiest things that they knew, so it is really important to be very prepared and confident on exam day.

  1. You’ll learn better

Practice makes perfect and the more and more practice tests you do, the more you can recall and the easier it gets. This contributes to a high score on your test.

  1. High scores give you more options

The test scores also determine what jobs you will be able to do in the military. If you are interested in a particular career, then you can polish up the test section that can give you a better chance of being allowed into your desired job.

If you are not sure of which path you want to take, the practice test still helps you improve your scores so that when the time for you to decide comes, you have more options to choose from.

  1. Your results effect your military future

The ASVAB is a wonderful tool for assessing what career path suits you best. Not only that, but it also gives you an insight into what you could be good at learning. This can open you up to new challenges that you had no idea you could excel at and there is no folly in that, is there?

Although the ASVAB does not obligate you to anything, and technically you can’t pass or fail the test. In the event that you have to re-do the test you will not be given the student version of the test (which most people find easier) but one of three other versions which you might find a lot harder. So, it is a good idea to practice and pass the easier option on the first try.    Talk to your recruiter about the career options, do multiple practice tests, and identify what areas need polishing to prepare yourself for a fruitful career in the military.

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