Why You Should Create Your Own Website in College

You may have cleaned up your social media pages, rid the web of any unprofessional photos of you from the past, and even created your own LinkedIn profile, but that won’t necessarily be enough to land you that dream post-college job. To get off to the best start possible in the working world of today once you have graduated, you might also want to consider creating your own website.

To see why creating your own website while you are still in college could very well be the best thing that you ever do for your career, make sure to read on.

You show yourself to be willing to go above and beyond

Today, employers want to see more than an impressive academic record and real-world experience in your field on your resume — they want to see that you are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to dedicating yourself to your job. Nothing will scream that more than you owning and running your very own personal website.

By filling your website with information that tells them that you are a good fit in your industry, employees will deem your website to be somewhat of a resume anyway. When they are faced with deciding between you and another candidate who has only provided them with a run-of-the-mill CV, who do you think they are going to choose? They will see that you have gone above and beyond in your bid to impress them and they will more than likely be impressed as a result.

You build your brand

When you create a website that is attached to your name (or the professional name that you wish to go by going forward), in turn, you will create a brand for yourself. You will do so because Google will pick up on your name right away, and rank it higher whenever searches are conducted of it as a result. This will allow you to enjoy an almost celebrity-like status in your field, and that kind of reputation is never a bad thing.

It gives you a platform to build from in the future

Sooner rather than later, if you’re seriously dedicated to processing in your career, you will find yourself creating a professional personal website anyway. Why not build yourself one in college, then, as that will give you a platform to build from in the future?

Because your website is a commitment to your future, you have to be careful not to make anything about it embarrassing — the last thing you want is to look back on it in a number of years and regret certain pieces of content that you uploaded. For this reason, it is incredibly important that you take care of everything that you do and upload. From choosing a website name during the domain name registration process to writing up your ‘About Me’ page, make sure that you don’t regret anything about your website going forward.

Creating your own website during college will benefit your career in so many ways. Make some time in that busy studying schedule of yours, then, and go ahead and do it!

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