The fluctuations of skills and practices in the law enforcement world are such that new opportunities are always around the corner. Just the criminals are always learning about the new and present laws to update their techniques, so to must the noble guard that keep society safe. The pursuit of justice is a long and laborious task that isn’t for everyone. This line of work is incredibly tough on your mentally as staying ahead of the criminals by at least one or two steps is mandatory. It’s also a dangerous profession with many police officers regularly getting hurt in the line of duty, and unfortunately, sometimes it’s the ultimate sacrifice that is paid. The perks of the job are the pure satisfaction that you are making this world a better and safer place. The complex system that hands down justice doesn’t give law enforcement officials an easy walk in the park. You must be able to work inside the law and know it like the back of your hand. You never know when you might end up facing an equal foe.

The much-needed beat patrol

Many men and a special category of women in society have asked themselves this question at least once; ‘what does it take to be a police officer?’. Personal qualities matter just as much as professional rigor. An individual must in all sense, contemplate how much they’re willing to pay to protect the public. Are they willing to lose their life and or even take a life if the scenarios call for it? The utmost quality in any police officer is always going to be trustworthiness. You have immense power in your hands, and you wield it over citizens so proper care, respect and the due course must be followed. The mental skills you need are varied, but they all link together. Understanding criminal psychology is what people in the industry call having a sixth-sense or a good nose. Now, of course, you can’t just pick this up from anywhere, it has to be taught to you since you’re not a criminal. A BA in criminology and policing goes into this in great detail so you can understand and predict the crime trends that may crop up in the future. You can apply at any time during the year and can choose from three possible start times of the academic year.

Investigative techniques

Before you go any further with this aspirational goal of working for the law, drop any preconceived notions about investigative techniques. We’ve all seen the complicated and cool CSI episodes that have far too many easy eureka moments. Real investigative techniques again rely on you understanding criminal psychology. Maybe because it gives us comfort in society to think that criminals are dumb, but reality shows that’s simply not the case. The sophisticated methods they use are always for a purpose. They plan, coordinate and execute many different techniques to separate you from your money and possessions. The odd fingerprint finds here, and there is a bit fantastical, as being able to get the answers to all your ‘why?’ questions usually needs to occur first.

There is no more noble and honorable line of work than law enforcement. Law and order are the two scales that balance each other out in society so we can all live peaceful lives.


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