If you are just about to submit your career options, or your college application, it is important that you are choosing a future profession that will survive the robot invasion, and will not be replaced by artificial intelligence. With so many old professions disappearing in the past ten or twenty years, you will have to consider your career options carefully. In case you are undecided, here’s a list of jobs that are likely to be around twenty years from now.

1. Nursing

While many aspects of health care are now coordinated by computers, nothing replaces the personal touch. A robot is not likely to provide the right type of care, and it doesn’t have the level of empathy a human does. Whether you are looking to get an online fnp program or a course in human nutrition, your skills are going to remain valuable for many years to come. People will always prefer to interact with humans and trust them with their health or personal issues.

2. Teaching

While online education is becoming more popular every year, teachers are still needed to provide one-on-one support for students. You might not be teaching in a classroom ten or twenty years from now, but get paid to create and record your lessons online and provide online support for students in understanding the topic. Teachers in primary schools are more likely to have their jobs unaffected by artificial intelligence.

3. Social Work

When it comes to vulnerable families and individuals, and difficult situations, human analytical skills are irreplaceable. Social care will never be taken over by robots. You will need to show empathy and emotional intelligence; something computers don’t have. While social work might not be one of the top careers for young people, it is rewarding and great for those who want to make a difference in people’s lives.

4. Computer Engineering

Computers are likely to be present in even more workplaces in the future. Therefore, the demand for engineers (hardware and software) is going to increase in the future. If you study computer science or software design, you are likely to keep your job for longer. Even if it is an additional qualification you are obtaining on top of your main subjects, it can be a useful in every profession.

5. Creative Design

While software can help you design websites and graphics, create videos and marketing materials, it cannot autonomously do the job. If you get a creative degree, such as digital design or video editing, your skills will be in demand and your chances of becoming unemployed will be low. From interior design to architecture and product development, your creativity will set you apart from artificial intelligence.

When choosing your future career, you need to plan long term. Ask yourself whether or not your profession is likely to be replaced by robots in 10-20 years. You don’t want to spend long years and thousands of dollars on getting a qualification that will be worthless in the future. Consider the above career options when making your decision.

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