How A Master’s Degree in Criminology Can Open Doors to Interesting Careers

Master's Degree in Criminology
Graduates can look forward to better earnings with an advanced criminology degree.

The study of criminology is a fascinating one, filled with subjects like psychology, criminal justice, sociology and ways to improve homeland security. Graduates of accredited, first-rate criminology advanced degree programs who earn their masters in criminology can look forward to becoming employed in a choice of many interesting career fields.

Not only do career doors open, but graduates can look forward to better earnings over their lifetime and more job satisfaction by earning an advanced criminology degree.

Getting a graduate degree gives prospective employees the chance to choose from careers in administration.

They may also be able to take on leadership roles in various fields, which many graduates find to be truly rewarding. The feeling of being able to make a difference in society provides another strong attraction to the field of criminology.

Options Are Diverse and Fascinating

A number of interesting opportunities become available to those who persevere and who earn their masters degree in the criminology field. These opportunities include:

  • Corrections department leadership
  • Security positions in government capacities or in private industry
  • Law enforcement positions in leadership, administration and policing
  • Psychology
  • Case work
  • Juvenile justice and youth criminology
  • Forensics specialties
  • Probation officers
  • Criminal justice administration
  • Court system positions
  • Government employment in fields such as the FBI, border patrol, homeland security or customs agencies

Graduates who focus on criminology and its variety of specialties will find that they are able to gain skills in a diverse number of areas. They can do this while developing abilities to predict crime, studying the prevention of crime and understanding specific crimes and the pathologies that lead people to commit crimes.

Choosing a Specialty Provides Focus

Master's Degree in Criminology
Many criminology advanced degree programs allow students to choose from specialty areas.

Many criminology advanced degree programs allow students to choose a specialty from area such as cyber-crime, predicting and preventing terrorism, or they may be able to focus on the human behavior aspects of crime. There are many different paths that students can pursue, allowing them freedom to follow their specific interests.

Criminology will remain a career field with a high demand for qualified candidates. This is due in part to shifting and increasing populations and today’s tendency to live in larger urban areas.

Those choosing to enter the criminology field will need to have excellent communication skills and the ability to work with diverse populations.

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