Be On Your Way to the Perfect Career With the YouScience College Success Profile


Have you ever thought about what career is the best fit for you? Of course you have. Any one who has attended college has struggled with this internal debate at one point or another. Deciding what field of study to major in is challenging enough but figuring out what you want to spend the rest of your life doing once you obtain your degree is the real challenge.

The YouScience College Success Profile™ is here to help make your path that much easier.


Drawing from over 90 years of empirical, research-based scientific studies, the YouScience College Success Profile  is designed to help individuals seamlessly transition from high school to university and in to the work force. Co-Founder Betsy Wills, in an interview with Venture Nashville Connections, discussed that YouScience is designed to assist students ranging from 17-27 in creating a model of themselves as successful workers in areas that directly correlate with their intrinsic abilities and aptitudes.

With 14 various aptitude assessments – ranging from visual comparison speed and vocabulary to hand-eye coordination and time frame orientation – and two interest profile areas, YouScience creates a comprehensive college success profile that steers students towards a profession that is in-line with their natural abilities and interests. This profile shows employers why you are an ideal candidate for a given position while potentially translating to a more rewarding career, both personally and financially. The formula makes sense. If your career is personally tailored to your interests, the chances of being successful are that might greater.

With the knowledge obtained through the YouScience profiles, students will be able to more easily mold their educational paths around their prospective career. Not only are students provided with a comprehensive analysis upon completion of the 2.5 hour test, but the YouScience College Success Profile allows clients to explore 500 various jobs while inspecting job outlook, number of people in the field, and geographical areas with the highest rates of growth.

Regarding the current investments students are making in their education, Wills continued:

Now that college has gotten unbelievably expensive, the stakes have become very high for young people as they enter a very expensive education process […] If we can reach these families before they have invested a tremendous amount in this education, we can really help them more.

There is no better investment than investing in yourself. While most existing career tests focus solely on self reported data, YouScience examines personal interests and abilities to formulate a thorough analysis of career objectives.

College already costs enough time and money.

Don’t waste more stuck in the cycle of trying to figure out which career path to journey down. Discover your personal profile today. For more information, visit the YouScience website by clicking here.

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