So it has been just over one week since we decided to take on the challenge of going #DigitallyDark with the Absolute LoJack Challenge. For 24 hours, I went without my smartphone, reminding me of my collegiate days where I had my personal technology lost and/or stolen on multiple occasions. Despite the fact that I have mobile insurance, going without my smartphone for an entire day was an arduous task, as it has become an imperative part of my life, especially in this post collegiate, “real world” setting.

Since I did not go completely #DigitallyDark, I was still able to utilize my laptop, allowing me to still remain connected. While this made things a little bit easier, there were still moments where I felt extremely uneasy and, even guilty, at the prospect of friends, family, and clients becoming angry or concerned as a result of my unreturned phone calls and text messages.

find stolen smartphone

Recover your smartphone with Absolute LoJack recovery software.

Have you ever experienced the feeling that occurs when you lose a smartphone, laptop, or tablet?

Chances are that you have, as 3.1 million Americans were the victims of smartphone theft in 2013. If so, then you know what I am talking about. Going #DigitallyDark can be a trying circumstance. Even with insurance options available that can replace your device in as little as 24 hours, it is still disconcerting knowing that all of your data and information is floating around, unsecured, in unfamiliar hands. Having to start from scratch can be a difficult process where you find yourself not even knowing where to begin.

Luckily Absolute LoJack is here to help.

If your device is lost or stolen, the team of professionals at Absolute LoJack are here to help you find your stolen smartphone, recover your lost computer, and retrieve your data. With an extensive team of former military experts, government intelligence agents, and police officers trained in computer forensics and cyber crime, you are will be in the hands of the best protection that you can find.

Pretty cool, huh?

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300x250_Laptop_Lifeline_FinalFor more information regarding Absolute LoJack products and the Absolute LoJack Challenge, be sure to visit the link below!

Absolute LoJack Challenge


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Absolute LoJack has been gifted to me and all opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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