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Welcome Back to School. How much are you paying for textbooks this back to school season? You will be lucky if any of your textbooks cost less than $100, right? Are you looking forward to all that comparison of prices online or being shocked with the prices in the bookstore, but still having to stand in those long lines?

Well, we have a pleasant surprise for you! We found Titto. If you have an iPhone and like to save money and time, just download the app and you can get any of your textbooks for $19.99 a month. We found all the titles that we were looking for on their app, Biology or Economics both were $19.99 only. We love the model, you pay for what you use, and it is less money out of your pocket. They have a lot of shipping options too, including overnight shipping.

Overnight shipping is FREE on ordering 2 or more textbooks.



We like them so much that we partnered with them this back to school season to help all you lovely students. They have offered us an additional $10 in credit for our readers. Redeem the code CURE10 to get your first textbook for $9.99 only. What are you waiting for? Download the app now at bit.ly/nowtitto and be done with your textbook purchases for the season.
For those of you who want to save even more money, of get your textbooks for free, try their Titto champs program. When you share their message among friends, they reward you with free textbooks. If you have any questions regarding the service just email james@tittoapp.com and our friends at Titto have promised to get back to you in a jiffy.
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