Temporary Employment During Study: A Balancing Act

getting a job during collegeStudents at college often struggle financially. This is hardly surprising as students are not in full time employment and earning a wage. College fees have to be paid, and even where he or she is in receipt of a scholarship, food and the other necessities of life still have to be bought.

The solution is to find temporary employment.

While employment during vacations should not have a major impact on the student’s life, temporary work during term time most certainly will. The primary objective of any student is to secure qualifications and that means attending lectures, completing assignments, study and passing exams. If temporary employment diverts from any of this it can lead to academic underachievement and damage the prospects for the student’s future. It is imperative that any part time work does not divert him away from his studies. This means there must be balance between study time and temporary employment.

Colleges are aware of the dilemma facing their students who need to work during term time, often recommending they restrict their working hours to around 12 per week. However, this cannot be enforced, and it is up to the student’s own common sense to decide how much time he will devote to temporary employment.

One option may be to work only on Fridays or Saturdays, as there are no classes the next day. As studies should always be a priority, it may also be a good idea to cut the hours worked when it is coming up to assignment deadlines and exams.

Studying can be stressful, and that should be taken into account when considering taking on temporary employment, as the additional paid work can place an even greater burden on the student’s shoulders. College life is also about socializing with fellow students, making new friendships and engaging in social activities, and temporary employment will only divert from this. This puts an even bigger onus on striking a balance between temporary work and college.

Aside from the money to be earned, temporary employment while studying can enhance the student’s future career prospects.

working while in collegeFor instance, those studying for a career in health, contracting in the healthcare industry would be an excellent choice as there would be valuable experience to be gained as well as money to be earned. However, for those working in a job related to their future career choices it is still crucial that the right balance between study and work is struck.

In order to achieve this balance it is important to structure the week. This is best done using a planner or calendar.

College and study commitments, including deadlines, should be included on the planner to help avoid clashes with temporary work.

If the student is unable to achieve a comfortable college/work balance he should seek help. If he feels he is being overstretched and stressed he should seek assistance from the student counseling service.

Temporary employment is a necessity for many students in order for them to afford life’s basics. However, there must be a balance with studies if students are to enjoy academic success.

Post courtesy of Dave Edwards

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