It is normal to question whether it is worth your time and effort to get an MBA. Tuition costs continue to rise and it is expensive to get your MBA. Additionally it is a demanding program that takes time, and focus.

So why should you get your MBA?

Job Promotion

why you should get an mbaYou can spend years within a company working your way up the ladder, or you can get your MBA and put job promotion into high-speed. An employee who chooses to pursue training and education to make themselves more equipped for a higher position is more likely to be promoted over the employee who doesn’t. In fact, some companies encourage their employees to continue their education.

However, there is no guarantee that you will get a promotion when you get your MBA, but it greatly improves the odds.

Increase in Salary

One of the biggest benefits you will see once you have your MBA is an increase in your salary. Statistics also show that an MBA graduate ranges from $60,000 to $207,000 per year while the average graduate with a bachelor’s degree earns $50,000 per year. Although having your MBA does not guarantee an increase in pay, statistics show that those graduates with an MBA have a salary that is considerably higher than those who do not have their MBA.

Universal Skill Set

Getting your bachelor’s degree is fantastic, but getting your MBA provides you with a skill set that is universal. You learn to manage projects and people, clearly communicate both verbally and in writing, market a business, understand the business finance, and so much more. These are skills that benefit most career paths and are taught at schools that offer an MBA. No GMAT? No worries; there are schools where the GMAT can be waived.

Learn How to Manage People

If you have spent any time in the workforce, you know how difficult it is to manage a group of people who work for you. As Forbes says “It’s something all managers want to do, yet, as every manager knows, it’s easier said than done: bringing out the best in your people.” However, when you choose to get your MBA you will attend classes that focus on leadership and business philosophies. These classes will teach you how to manage a staff properly and how to keep the different personalities from creating conflict in your group. Learning to manage people is a priceless lesson.

Satisfy Your Desire to Study Business

You may be one of those people who has a huge desire to learn everything you can about business. From how to manage people and projects to how to determine the risk of an investment. For someone like this, getting your MBA will satisfy that desire to know all you can know about business. That satisfaction is reason enough to pursue your MBA.

From financial gain to priceless skills, you can clearly see there are many great reasons for you to get your MBA.

Although your concerns regarding the costs and high demand of your time are valid, here you can see the benefits greatly outweigh the costs.

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