College Living: Are You Ready To Find Yourself

For most of us, the idea of being alone can be an intimidating thought. For others, not so much. I guess it depends on the kind of person you are. There are some people who go their whole life surrounded by friends and family. They never have a chance to be by themselves, even if they wanted to be.

Find yourself. Free Digital Photos by imagerymajestic
Find yourself.
Free Digital Photos by imagerymajestic

I learned how to find myself.

For me it was the complete opposite. I grew up in an adopted home life and it was pure hell. I pretty much grew up being a loner and being by myself. And yet, at the same time, I wanted company. Because I grew up the way I did, I craved company like you wouldn’t believe.  For the better half of the first part of my life I threw myself into relationships. I found myself seeking out all of the wrong people, instead of the right people. But there came a point in my life where everything came to a head and I faced the dragon. I faced the one thing that I was afraid of the most, being alone.

The relationship with yourself is the most important thing in the world. If you don’t have a relationship with your self, how can you have a relationship with anybody else. I learned that the hard way. I took the next few years off. I took the next few years off from pretty much everything.

Even to this day, I still am taking a breather. Though I am committed to someone, it’s still important to have that breather. It’s important ladies and gentlemen to get to know who you are on every level.

College Living: Are you ready to find yourself?

I have known many people over the years that are constantly surrounded by people. In fact the idea of being alone literally scares them. Listen, it did that for me too. I confronted the beast and broke down those walls. You need to find a way to be honest with yourself. If you are not, how can you be honest with anyone else? Life is a journey, not a destination. Part of that journey is getting to know who you are. No one else is going to do it for you. Just like no one else is going to take care of you.  Even your friends and family aren’t going to have your back all the time.

At some point your friends and family are going to say to you “You are an adult. Can’ t you figure this out on your own?”

Friends and family can’t protect you forever. It’s vital that you learn that as soon as possible. So tell me something, are you ready to find yourself?

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