College Final Exam

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Studying for an exam in college can be a stressful time. The teacher announces that the final will be in two weeks and if you are like most students, you begin to choke.  You begin to think to yourself “How am I going to pass the test?”

Is it true that most students perform best under pressure

Well it depends on the student. Some students actually do ace a college final exam when they are under pressure. There are quite a few students that can go all semester without studying and hardly show up for class, than they show up on the day of the final and ace it. You probably already know someone like that.  In fact, thinking of them makes you shake your head and think “They are so lucky.”  But truth be told, you should not base your experience with finals and study habits on them. More or less, they are the exception to the rule. So don’t go by them, go by what you do and what you are comfortable with.

How to ace a college final exam

The first rule of thumb is to remain calm and collected. The more stress and pressure you put on yourself, the worse it may be for you. So take it all in stride.  It is going to sound so cliché, but go to class. Even on the days that you don’t feel up to it, go to class. Take the information in. Even if you feel the information is frivolous and unimportant, take it in. It may serve you down the road.

Focus on the exam preparation early on

While it’s important to keep up with your classwork and other aspects of the class, keep a file in your head about the exam. As soon as the teacher announces that the exam will be on such and such a date, begin preparing for it. If you are aware of the specific material that will be on the exam, set it aside. Keep an organized file of what will be on the exam and look at it when you have spare time. I’m not saying that you should begin studying for the exam as soon as class begins. But usually within the first few weeks the teacher will announce plans for it. That is when you need to begin studying.  Start studying slowly and as the exam comes closer increase your time.

Focus on the priority classes

This is the mistake that many students make. They take the exams as they come. Take a look at your classes and organize them in terms of most important and the ones you feel you will mess up on. Take those exam study sessions that are most important first, followed by the ones that you feel you will crack up on. The classes that don’t cause you too much stress, take them towards the end. You want to give equal opportunity to each class, but take the more important exams first.

Study throughout with little breaks

You will get more accomplished if you break down your study times and take small breaks throughout. Don’t forget to eat sensibly and get sleep. The proper sleep will only encourage your body and mind to want to ace the test. Don’t rely on cram sessions or all-nighters. I might have stated that before, but it’s so true.

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