Ramen Noodle Recipes to Try ASAP

ramen noodle recipes, ramen noodle,ramen noodles recipes
Ramen noodle recipes | Free Digital Photos

You’re poor and hungry. What do you do?

Ramen is always the answer.

It’s so, so, so cheap and will keep you full. Although, that simple powder can get old really fast. Not to worry! I’ve got you covered with how to dress up that 20 cent package of noodles.

Pad Thai Ramen

This is my favorite way to eat those pre-packaged noodles! All you need is a bottle of Sriracha (Ow!) and some crunchy peanut butter. Cook those noodles on a stove or in the microwave all by themselves. Then, grab your peanut butter and Sriracha and throw it in after draining the water out. Put it back on the stove or microwave for a bit and let it simmer. You can make it super spicy or a lot more peanut buttery. It gets super sticky and yummy. Sometimes I add a little bit of the package flavoring if the taste isn’t where I want it.

Taco Ramen

Que rico! Grab some taco seasoning at the store or look up on Pinterest to find out how to make a bunch of your own. Get some fire roasted tomatoes in a can and some corn, too. Put the noodles in the pot, add taco seasoning then your fire roasted tomatoes and a little bit of water to get the noodles simmering. Let it cook. Pour out the soupy tomato juice and add your corn without the extra water. You can also grab some ground beef and add it, if you have a skillet nearby. To top it all off, toss some cheese on the top of your meal. Tada!

ramen noodle recipes, ramen noodle,ramen noodles recipes
Ramen noodle recipes | Free Digital Photos

Ramen Salad

You can use the uncooked Ramen noodles to crush over your salad at home. It’s just like the crunchy Lo Mein chow mein noodles. Sometimes while I’m waiting for the water to boil as I’m making one of the recipes above, I grab some of the uncooked noodles and snack.

Ramen Noodle Candy

Yes. It sounds weird, but it’s awesome. This is also a perfect little gift for a roommate, professor, RA or BFF. Grab a package of Ramen noodles and crush it with your hands. Saute your noodles, just less than a cup of pecans and a half a cup of sliced almonds in two tablespoons of butter. Melt some white or dark chocolate in a bowl in a microwave. After your noodles/pecans mixture is cooled off, mix it with the chocolate. Drop balls onto parchment paper and let it stand until firm. Then put your new delicate treats in the fridge.

How do you eat Ramen noodles? Anything fun or special when you’re feeling extra creative?

Let us know in the comments below.

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