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Spring Break time? Free Digital Photos

Okay guys, listen up. It’s that time of year again. I’m talking about something called Spring Break. You can almost feel it in the air when that time comes around.

Spring Break, here we come

This is the time that every college kids looks forward to. You look forward to letting your hair down and having some fun. It’s also the time that some college kids end up saying “I need a drink and fast!” Don’t feel ashamed if you have ever spoken these words. Almost every other college kid has at least thought this phrase, if not spoken the words out loud. But before you pack your sunscreen and bathing suit and head on down to Cape May for a few weeks, there are some things that every college kid needs to keep in mind. That way you don’t go through one of  those I should never have done that last nightmoments.

Spring Break Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some of the Do’s

First and foremost, drink plenty of water. For many of you, that shouldn’t be an issue. But you’d be surprised how many forget to remain hydrated once they get to the beach.  Always bring some sort of bag with you to keep all of your personal belongings with you. Always stay with a group. Never go anywhere alone, this includes that “surfer guy” that you “totally hit it off with” yesterday.  Always wear sensible shoes and don’t forget to double-knot the tops. Guys on spring break aren’t going to be behaving like gentlemen. They will not think twice about tearing away your clothes, if the moment presents itself.

Have a plan in motion at all times. Also, control your spending. Spring Break is the perfect time for you to lose control with the money. So iron out a budget and stick with it, no matter what. Know your limits, especially with the drinking. Many assume they can become superwoman or superman while on break. Figure out how much you can handle in a bar locally in one night and don’t exceed that limit. There are going to be times when others might pressure you into exceeding that limit. Don’t let them, not even your friends.

Here are some of the don’ts

Never ever turn into the person you really aren’t. There is a big difference between letting loose and letting your hair down and changing to completely different personalities. Take for example, sex. If you would never, ever sleep with someone you just met back at home, don’t do it over Spring Break. If you do, you will wind up having one of those “Oh, I really shouldn’t have done that the other night”.

It’s not worth the torture.  Never ever be alone. I know I stated this before, but I need to stress this one. Too many things can happen when you are alone, so always travel with someone you know and trust.

Don’t drink something that you didn’t see the bartender pouring for you. Some get this phrase into their heads “Surprise me!’. They figure they are on break, so what the heck. If you didn’t see the bartender pouring it or even your friend, than lay off.  Always keep track of your drinks and how many you had. Never, ever let your phone go dead. Always keep it fully charged, no matter what.

Spring Break is supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation, don’t make it a time of danger and regret.

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