Taking Drugs To Get Through College Exams: Is It Worth it?

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We tell you the side effects to taking pills for college exams.
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I saw this news report one night regarding a school and how some of the students were taking drugs to get through exams. Now this is not uncommon to do. There are countless students who do this on a regular basis.

Is it safe?

One student that was interviewed stated that he took the drug Ridalin to get through a major exam. He would take it for an all-night study session and be fine for a college exam the next morning. When asked if he passed or failed the exam he said he aced it. He aced it with an A+.
When the person who interviewed him asked how long he had been doing this, he replied “about a few years now.” The interviewer went onto ask if he felt any side affects and he stated “No, not really.”

What does this mean?

Well it could mean a variety of things. For one, the drug may not be showing off any affects in the beginning or maybe he is so used to doing it that the affects don’t trigger anything within him right now. It doesn’t mean that they won’t.

So many students like this guy do this on a daily basis and think nothing of it. They figure if it hasn’t had an affect on them by now, it won’t. But this is a common misconception that people like this make. The irony of it all is that students like this study the dangers of drugs in their classes. Yet, they assume because they are more knowledgeable they are exempt from this.

The pretty much believe that they are the exception, not the rule. Are they really?

Some of the most popular drugs that college kids experiment for college exams are the following:

  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Ecstasy
  • Opiate, marijuana, and PCP and Angel Dust

There are also the prescription drugs. Many assume that because they are prescription drugs they will not be harmed. This is strong misconception. A person can overdose on prescription drugs just as easily as heroine and cocaine. In fact, many recent studies have cited that prescription drugs are becoming more of a problem with college kids, than any other drug, including drugs like ecstasy, heroine and cocaine.

Where do you draw the line? I can understand taking a drug every so often in order to pull an all-nighter. Some classes require all-nighter cram sessions, just to take a major exam the very next day. What happens when that occasional use  becomes more than just the occasional use?

What about your friends? We see our friends and people on the news doing it. So we just assume that we are going to be fine too. We see that it hasn’t affected them, so we just assume that it won’t affect us.

Did you ever stop and think that your friends are being affected and they just aren’t saying anything?

Remember, in college so many want to be cool and appear to be invincible, hence the all-night parties and drug sessions. At what point should we look passed the “cool factor” and look into the “reality factor”?

At what point does our school work really suffer? We may think that we are getting the best grades ever, but is that merely the drugs talking?

When it comes to taking a drug in order to get through college exams, is the ultimate test not taking the drugs?

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