Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

Girl spying on Boyfriend's Phone

A cheating boyfriend is the worst case scenario for any girl or gay man out there.  When you look at your boyfriend, all you can see is how good-looking and sweet he is. He dotes on you and spends every second with you.  He even begins to become the fantasy guy to your friends. I don’t mean fantasy guy as in they want to steal him from you. No, what I mean is that they look at him and think “Why can’t I find a guy like him?”

The envy you and they wish they were you, but deep down are you hiding something from them? Deep down are you thinking that he could be cheating on you? This is more common than many realize among women and gay men. See the problem with this scenario is that many of us don’t want to admit that our boyfriends may be cheating on us. Many of don’t want to admit to our friends that this fantasy that we are living is turning into a dismal disaster. Is that fantasy that we are dating actually becoming a fantasy to someone else?

Signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you

Ask yourself this question. Does he spend less and less time around you? Does he make up excuses not do things with you? This may not be something that started out this way. In the beginning you and your boyfriend might have spent every waking hour together, enjoying everything that life had to offer. But are those times slowly dwindling? We all like to have time to ourselves. It’s perfectly natural. But has your boyfriend started to make exits away from you and can’t explain it with any sort of rational reasoning?

If you call him, does he stutter for a response or does he simply not pick up?

This may start to sound suspect.

Does he have secret communications with people you don’t know? I mean it’s normal for you to know many of his friends. If it begins to get serious, you will meet the family. But outside of that, does he have people that he talks to that you don’t recognize? You may notice a different name on his cell phone from an incoming call.  We all have our secrets and things we like to maintain in the name of privacy. But does he frequently give you vague answers as to who the person that is calling is? This could be a red flag that something is wrong.

Also think back to the last time you and he were out together. Was he secretly texting and sending messages to someone while you weren’t there? But when you got back he stopped it and pretended like everything was normal.

I mean we are so concerned in our relationships about the other person that we forget about us and what we want. If these signs are being shown to us, it’s happening for a reason. We may be living a fantasy for our friends, but what do we want to live for us? Do we want to keep up the fantasy for them, all the while neglecting the fact that our boyfriend is cheating on us?

If in fact he is cheating on you, how will you choose to handle it?

Are you going to let him and get away with just for the sake of having him on your arm? Or are you going to see him for who he really is and say goodbye? I guarantee that if you say goodbye he won’t really miss you. He may say that he does, but the only thing he misses is you at his beck and call.  I can also guarantee that he already has two or three lined up to take your place.

So the next time you are with your cheating boyfriend think about this.

Just because the fantasy looks good, doesn’t mean he’s good for you.

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